Nocturnal Nanpa

Published November 8, 2017

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Top quality nocturnal amateur nanpa JAV via DREAMROOM featuring a slim naturally tan woman with too much free time and a penchant for cowgirl sex.

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Nocturnal Nanpa
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“Late at night I made a startling discovery:  a thin and fit young woman just standing around!  My luck kept on getting better as I asked her if she was free and she answered "YES!".  Soon enough and with zero fuss at all, she joined me for a car ride…

...and of course being so late, there’s only one place we can go!

To the hotel it is and not only was she down for it, but she agreed to be filmed...for a price.  Soon after we entered the room, clothes were dropped revealing her slender form in all its natural glory.  A quick brushing up against her highly erogenous nipples was enough to turn her sex switch to ON and ON it remained for the rest of our encounter.

Let me tell ya:  she LOVES giving blowjobs and outranks the best brothel workers in oral prowess!  Her mouth around me was never-ending and it was only the tip of the iceberg as to what came next.  Could a real amateur be * this * erotic?!”

-Translated and touched up blurb of today’s update.

It's been some years since I last did anything approaching 'pickup' aka nanpa, but I can say with a reasonable level of confidence that what's shown in the first few minutes of this update probably NEVER happens unless the girl's actually a street walker.  The chances of approaching a girl, asking if she's free to which she answers in the affirmative leading you and her going straight to a love hotel for guilt-free no condom sex ending in a zero-regrets nakadashi conclusion probably never ever happens...ever!

Still, NOCTURNAL NANPA is a nice title for building up on that approach->yada yada yada->sex fantasy many of you may harbor.  The actress, NAO FUKAWA, is naturally tan and slim and probably provides some of the best cowgirl moves I've seen in recent memory.  The actor/director spent a lot of his footage allowance on the portions of their play that had her on top and although her head was cut out off the picture, the way she kept on gyrating her hips again and again and...well, you get just never ended and I don't think you'll find anyone making a single complaint about it.

Outside of NOCTURNAL NANPA and one other title released by the same site run by DREAMROOM, the career of NAO FUKAWA can barely even be called that:  a career.  What she did was this pair of titles and sadly almost nothing more.  Most likely she was one of the many women who dabble in Japanese AV for a short time, get paid, and quickly get out.

Being a title all about nanpa, expect NOCTURNAL NANPA to follow in the footsteps of other releases like it that we've shown already:  heavy dialog in the beginning that slowly tapers out as toys are introduced and as clothes make their exit.  The sex portions of this title in particular were almost entire devoid of talking outside of the required 'kimochi' ("it feels good") uttered by both actor and actress almost every minute on the dot.

Complaints about the lack of dialog in the latter portion of the update aside, the journey to that portion is where it really counts.  Yes, the sex is great, but without a strong understanding of how and why they're at the hotel and the verbal tale it takes to get NAO to not only be OK with being filmed but also to strip and exposure herself, the value of this title would be severely diminished.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 418

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