Hibiki Otsuki - The Beauty in Jeans

Published April 7, 2021

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored #ClassicJAV

Hibiki Otsuki, legendary JAV star, shares her origin story in one of her first roles back when she was still deciding whether the gyaru look suits her or not.

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Hibiki Otsuki - The Beauty in Jeans
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Today's update is definitely a unique one.  Near everyone into JAV has heard (or at least seen) HIBIKI OTSUKI by now.  A unique 'northern' face, quite possibly the best fellator in the industry (at least when it comes to the aural portion), and a career that by now has comfortably crossed the 10-year mark.  She's as legendary as legendary gets, but like all heroes, an origin story is desperately needed.  That brings us to today, a bona fide #ClassicJAV update where we see a very early look at HIBIKI only months after she made her debut.

THE BEAUTY IN JEANS was most likely filmed in short order after she signed her first agent contract.  It probably was filmed before even her debut (by TOKYO HOT if you can believe it) was even released.  This is HIBIKI back when she was still deciding on whether or not to be a gyaru.  This is HIBIKI when she was still dying her hair, when her bubbly persona was still a work in progress, when doing JAV was something she was more than fine with, but taking the lead was still a ways off.

Speaking of leading, THE BEAUTY IN JEANS mostly sees HIBIKI OTSUKI on the receiving end of things except for one very short handjob/blowjob encounter (in a bathtub, no less!).  We get a few minutes of her looking into the camera talking sultry while teasing the actor's nipples as he rubs one out.  For fans of her, you can already see the greatness that soon would come.  Beyond that, she's pretty much a relatively quiet attractive and young topless Japanese woman in jeans with a big hole in the middle having naughty things done to her exposed areas.  HIBIKI keeps those jeans on the whole time and I get weird late 80's/early 90's vibes when seeing her that way.  This is not only a throwback title to the beginning of her career, but a throwback to the days of wild, tussled hair and jeans riding up to the navel.

Like most DREAMROOM movies, we see HIBIKI OTSUKI sans mosaic and with multiple real creampies at the end.  Sadly, aside from one gyaruo actor, she gets paired with a whole bunch of oafs.  Finding actors for JAV movies is never easy and the talent pool for uncensored JAV apparently is even smaller.  Sometimes you just have to take what's available and do your best with it.  Looks aside, they do their jobs well.  The sex is what you'd expect and even before that, we're given a fun, albeit short scene of HIBIKI walking outside in Tokyo with a remote control vibrator stuffed in her panties.

Confession time:  the HIBIKI that we saw only a few years after this one with the sable hair, the bangs, and the very chirpy personality (but with brains to boot!) is way more up my alley.  I've had my obsession with gyaru ages ago, but traditional looks are eternal.  She's a bit rough around the edges in THE BEAUTY IN JEANS, but still puts on a great show.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 335

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+Uncensored HIBIKI OTSUKI.
+One of her first ever movies yet still performs well.
+Real creampies.
+Unique use of jeans.


-Gyaru look doesn't really suit her.
-Definitely NOT the HIBIKI most are used to.
-Ogrish actors.

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