Haruka Misaki - Driving While Under the Influence of Coitus

Published October 25, 2023

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Loving outside, loving sex, loving creampies, loving driving. A curvy Japanese MILF with perfect tan-lines somehow finds a way to combine them all.

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Haruka Misaki - Driving While Under the Influence of Coitus

Timing and Translation by JM84

If there's one thing we can kind of assume about HARUKA MISAKI (previously appearing on ZENRA as HIKARU WAKABAYASHI), it's that she's a big, big fan of being outside. Then in a public nudity movie and here again some years later again in a movie all about similar risque acts done outside. If anything--and this is going by memory--all the hard play in that public nudity flick was actually done in more confined quarters. Here--actually, here again lots of the sex still happens in confined quarters but said quarters is a car in a wide open lot on a beautiful sunny day. So yea, HARUKA does love her outdoor sex!

DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF COITUS is an ode to all those car blowjob fantasies out there. Here, we get the real deal and then some: blowjobs, sure, but how about raw sex with a real creampie finish? There's wild outdoor sex antics and then what DREAMROOM managed to achieve here. For an amateur title potentially shot by the same ripped actor who appears as her partner, this one turned out great. Great angles, great flow, great pistons!

A bona fide MILF with dynamite breasts and curves to die for. If anything, HARUKA MISAKI coincidentally retired right as RENA FUKIISHI started getting big. The tan skin and the tan-lines almost make them seem related. Thankfully, HARUKA unlike RENA does not have any ill-placed tattoos. HARUKA certainly though is on the charbroiled side of the spectrum. Definitely one who loves sun and admittedly may have seen too much of it. Reviews elsewhere are harsh and we can't totally avoid the elephant in the room. Being tan is a nice look, but as one ages, it becomes more risk than desirable outcome. Those like NATSUKI AOYAMA who somehow manage to remain golden brown in their fifties while still looking great are rarities.

This movie pulls out all the stops. It's a fun watch with a woman who probably knows how to have a joyous time. That it's done under such a unique scenario makes it more the better.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 654

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Wonderful theme with ideal execution.
+Very curvy actress who rocks the tan-line look like nobody's business.
+Even the actor is easy on the eyes and shows why going to the gym is important.
+Real creampie finish.


-Tanning salons have their risks...as does driving under the influence of coitus!

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