Random Location Nanpa on the Way Home

Published June 7, 2023

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

Randomly deciding on where best to perform nanpa in Tokyo via darts leads to a delightful amateur pickup concluding with a real creampie.

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Random Location Nanpa on the Way Home
Timing and Translation by JM84

Tokyo is a big, big place full of many people, many streets, many buildings, and of course many districts--or as they're known in Japanese, wards.  23 of them to be precise.  Now if one is on vacation they can make use of a trusty guide book or in our era, a program called a 'travel app', but what fun is it if everything is planned for you?  Why not leave one's destination up to chance?  And who said anything about a vacation?  There's work to be done!

And the name of that work?  Picking up chicks.

Building on the theme of that super popular MAKI HOJO update from awhile back, we take the game of darts and rather than decide which prefecture to visit in hopes of saving Japan's agriculture industry, we keep things closer to home.  Staying within the confines of Tokyo, a cozy city in eastern Japan with some good eats, our smooth-talking well-dressed nanpa master finds himself being sent to Toshima Ward to try his luck at glory.  Fortunately, a JAV movie consisting of failed attempt after failed attempt would be kind of depressing so he gets lucky right away leading to the kind of antics JAV is known.  This is the plot to RANDOM LOCATION NANPA ON THE WAY HOME via DREAMROOM.  Strategically wedged between another big nanpa update about young mothers, having one focusing on a younger-looking participant makes perfect sense.

RANDOM LOCATION really nails it though sadly a sequel does not yet appear to have been shot.  This one needs it.  The pacing, the theme, the casting, and the sex itself are all solid.  Concluding with a real creampie, but the adventure to get there contains some unexpected laugh-out-loud moments (because comedy and adult video may be harder to pull off than one thinks!).  My hat is off and remains off because this one shows even smaller budgets can still lead to excellent footage.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 580

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Unique and well-executed theme.
+Fun way to visit Tokyo or anywhere.  Leave it to chance!
+Cute amateur and OK for a real creampie.


-Sadly, a sequel still is needed.

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