Maki Hojo - Countryside Prosperity Restoration Program

Published February 24, 2021

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Leave it none other than MAKI HOJO to save the increasingly few farmers that dot the countryside. Is one creampie enough to turn the tide?

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Maki Hojo - Countryside Prosperity Restoration Program
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

As noted in our previous CHISATO SHOUDA drama update, women are the real backbone of Japan's expansive farming industry.  Yes, yes, the image of an old Japanese farmer doing things in the field may still reign supreme, but it's the women who are doing the lion's share of any work that requires physical exertion of any kind.  I won't repeat my rant from that review.  You're welcome to go back and read it.  Today's a bit more lighthearted in regards to what I have to say and the plot of the movie itself.  Crestfallen bucolic blues is pushed to the wayside for MAKI HOJO visiting farmers for real creampie sex.

That's the name of the game, really.  In COUNTRYSIDE PROSPERITY RESTORATION PROGRAM, a kinda-sorta sequel to a trio of movies we showed some time ago, we have everyone's favorite uber milf JAV star 'randomly' decide to pay a visit to some area of Japan through a game of darts.  By luck, she lands in a heavily undeveloped part of the country and there she goes!

RESTORATION PROGRAM mimics those too many in number Japanese variety shows featuring 'talent' who visit out of the way places for the heck of it.  Of course having a beautiful JAV star simply taste local delicacies and talk to old people with funny dialects would be a bore.  DREAMROOM instead begins by having MAKI give an in car blowjob followed by some 'ol fashioned real deal outdoor nudity.  It's rare to see this done in the modern era let alone in FHD.  Seeing the very well-formed MAKI HOJO embarrassingly strip stark naked outside and walk around (and more!) is a sight to behold.  Even if this entire movie was a clunker (and it's not!), those few minutes would make up for it.

It's far from common to see an uncensored JAV movie have so much going for it.  This is a wonderful release that leaves the love hotel and bad, bad lighting back in Tokyo.  We've perfect natural light, a funny cast, MAKI HOJO being herself (always a good thing!), and a great intimate creampie sex conclusion between her and one lucky farmer.  It would be hard--no, impossible--to ever pick out one single MAKI HOJO film to recommend, but if I had to limit my choices to only her mosaic-free output, COUNTRYSIDE PROSPERITY RESTORATION PROGRAM may be the one.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 886

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+Beautiful footage especially when outside.
+MAKI HOJO giving a top-tier performance.
+Real creampie sex.
+Very varied scenes.


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