Saeko Yokoyama - On the Phone with Husband While Having Sex

Published May 17, 2023

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Having a fling is one thing, but doing so while talking to your husband is beyond the pale! One cheating mature wife goes the limit.

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Saeko Yokoyama - On the Phone with Husband While Having Sex
Timing and Translation by ZENRA

It's hard to put one's finger on it, but there's something about SAEKO YOKOYAMA that just sticks out.  While we have shown many a mature woman JAV (and with many more on the way!), the pair she appeared in are among the best.  Half a year ago we were blessed by showing her debut to the English-speaking world and we return now to its follow-up.

The theme is a unique one I'd love to see JAV studios use more often if having an additional actor on set is not possible.  Why go with NTR when you've a cheating wife where the husband in most cases remains entirely not in the know where if in the room cuckolding is not possible, you could at least engage in a little bit of deception?  That is what we get with ON THE PHONE WITH HUSBAND WHILE HAVING SEX, a delightful DREAMROOM release that shows even on smaller budgets, you can still put out a worthwhile product.  Almost certainly filmed back-to-back with her debut, we now have the ability to see SAEKO engage in some acting--or are we seeing reality unfold?

Those with sharp eyes should be able to tell that yes, SAEKO was indeed on the phone with someone.  Sometimes we heard his voice and other times speaker was turned off.  This was not something with an actor voicing some lines in post-production, but several real phone calls during the play.  Now was that really her husband on the other end or a random staff member?  For the sake of keeping a fantasy hot, her husband sounds like the ideal candidate and my mind is firm on that train of thought.

Sex, always playing a big part in these movies, of course happens and good golly is it wild.  Here we've a movie where penetration itself almost takes up half of the one hour run-time.  Rather than 15 to 20 minutes at the end, it's wild, unchained, and with a phone call often underway, as risky as risky gets.  SAEKO puts on a great show throughout it all.  Not a spring chicken and certainly someone whom only after a few more years may say forever farewell to even middle age, but still capable of putting on what could be the performance of her life.  And yes, she very much succeeds.

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+Unique take on the NTR theme I'd like to see more of.
+One-of-a-kind MILF and/or mature (your call) actress.
+Natural, thick, curvy, and hairy!  She's got it all!


-Those with sensitive ears take note:  this one's a bit brickwalled.

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