Extra Risky Glory Hole Challenge First Half

Published May 5, 2023

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The Glory Hole: what JAV lacks and fortunately sees the light of day in this wonderful game show-themed movie starring cute amateurs.

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Extra Risky Glory Hole Challenge First Half
Timing and Translation by JM84
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The first thing people are going to wonder is why are we showing EXTRA RISKY GLORY HOLE CHALLENGE 2 before 1.  It's really simple:  the first one just didn't look as good.  While it's in FHD and thus remains on the table for future licensing, we wanted to opt for a movie that seemed to take the concept and do it better hence showing the second and so far only other movie in this unique ROCKET series.  And yes, if it does very, very well, we may go back and get the other one so anyone wondering about that as well can rest easy.

For a time, ROCKET was experimenting with JAV game show movies that were kind of like PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME, but still a little different.  I really liked this era though their recent output has been slowly returning to their original sauce.  Shot before the many years they spent almost obsessively pushing out lesbian wrestling movies which are nice, but not exactly what you associate ROCKET with, we get cute amateurs, curious boyfriends, holes in places holes don't normally belong, and surprising, accidental arousal.  Oh, and penalty games too because we're deep down in the wild west of JAV Land.

It may sound weird, but just how I think there should be random bouts of flatulence in kimomen movies in ways that the performers don't even take notice of it, having random glory holes in otherwise vanilla movies would be hilarious and pretty sexy--in a weird way of course.  I mean can you imagine NAO JINGUJI in one of the many cheating wives movies she has done since selling her sou--I mean becoming a MADONNA exclusive--where out of sheer randomness as she's being proneboned on her paramour's bed for the eleventh time, a random dick pokes its head out of a wall that she just starts idly sucking on?  We can pretend it's her husband and finally have a major JAV studio take a spin at doing cuckolding rather than another drab NTR movie for a change.

Sorry for going way off tangent, but these are what was on my mind when preparing this pretty solid release.  Featuring the same host from EXTREME BARREL CHALLENGE and like that one, at times feeling like a slightly reduced version of PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME, this is ROCKET slimming down some by focusing on amateurs and their reaction to the lovely glory hole concept.  At its core it's a simple movie that through five encounters progressively advanced in audacity leading up to a forbidden reverse threesome with more creampies than a single male should be capable of creating in such short time.

Lacking RIRI KOUDA, but otherwise featuring lots of eye candy concluding with ITO YOSHIKAWA fortunately in a non-lesbian role for a change, there should be a contestant for everyone's tastes unless you prefer them over 30.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1446

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Cute casting from start to finish.
+Excellent glory hole usage that really needs to be done more in JAV.
+Scenes all shot in same place, but escalation makes them all enjoyable.


-I wish ROCKET splurged a bit more for a female host.

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