Magic Mirror Erotic Oil Massage in Front of Boyfriend First Half

Published August 1, 2022

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One way mirrors make for the strangest happenings as eager girlfriends receive full service massages while their boyfriends wait outside.

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Magic Mirror Erotic Oil Massage in Front of Boyfriend First Half
Timing and Translation by ZENRA
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We're starting this review with a short history lesson so take out a pen, notebook, and get ready!

Who started the Magic Mirror bus/car/studio concept?  There has been a long-standing feud between industry giants SOD and Deep's about this.  Deep's claims it was their invention.  According to them, close to a quarter century ago (!) their owner came up with it.  SOD of course claims otherwise.  To muddy the waters, until around 2013 or so, Deep's while not owned by SOD, was exclusively distributed by them.  Thus, until then, they had a very close relationship.  For reasons that go beyond this review, things happened and they left the organization and remain active to this day albeit making smaller productions than the pure insanity they were known for in the aughts (guess which JAV studio is said to have made the most expensive movie of all time).  SOD still is doing what they do best and remains the forerunner of truly jaw-dropping big budget, big group Japanese adult video.  What's more, if scheduling allows it, they allow the other studios that work exclusively through them such as SADISTIC VILLAGE and ROCKET to use their mobile Magic Mirror studio.

Since a few years ago, SADISTIC VILLAGE has taken a very slight detour with their production varieties.  They're still focusing on movies that feature naked women in a clothed world gone mad, but most months have also seen them feature a...well, not exactly 'vanilla', but more straight-forward production taking place in the Magic Mirror studio.  The insanity and huge groups may be dialed back some, but as we've tested in the past via their Magic Mirror curtain series, ZENRA subscribers are very into seeing 'amateur' women engage in brazen acts while boyfriends and more are visible in the background.

Today marks our inaugural update using SOD's OG mobile studio and it will be the first among many.  And what better way to begin than with a movie that combines having sex in front of a boyfriend (while he waits outside, but is clearly visible), embarrassed girlfriends, and erotic oil massages?  Welcome to MAGIC MIRROR EROTIC OIL MASSAGE IN FRONT OF BOYFRIEND, a 190 minute monster of a release featuring five lovey-dovey couples, zany TV show hosts, a masseuse/masseur switcheroo, big cash prizes, and lots of messy sex to even it all out!

Without going into a scene-by-scene summary as it's truly not needed, I will briefly elaborate on the flow of each encounter:  street pickup of couple, interview in the studio, boyfriend exits, girlfriend receives massage by a masseuse (played by that slightly older actress who has appeared as a clothed female extra in too many JAV movies to count) before switching out for a masseur (surprisingly played by a pair of in shape actors I haven't seen too much of).  This is where things segue from pleasant albeit somewhat exposed massage to JAV Land antics.  Girlfriends are confused, but once cash prizes are increased in value are eager to stick around so long as their boyfriends don't notice and thanks to the one-way mirrors, their wishes are easily honored.

The casting is pretty solid in that the girlfriends tow the delicate line between actual amateurs and JAV stars knowing how best to act (and later, squirt).  Don't expect truly unknown faces.  All five may not be A-listers, but have appeared in a large number of works.  SADISTIC VILLAGE was smart to cast REI CHINATSU as the first actress and the one having the honor of being in the 'setting' scene (production note:  I've noticed in JAV movies like this one where you have a concept being repeated with different actors, the first scene will be longer due to having a longer interview with said buildup being shorter or non-existent in later encounters).

MAGIC MIRROR EROTIC OIL MASSAGE IN FRONT OF BOYFRIEND is heavy both with the massage portion and the wild sex that follows.  With no exceptions, we get great footage of all five women receiving oil-heavy rubdowns followed by insane squirting antics thanks to a smorgasbord of uncanny sex toys (including SADISTIC VILLAGE's earth-shattering machine vibrator dildo contraption I have decided on calling "The Vaginizer" to even things out).  The shiatsu and the buzzing is followed by sucking and then full penetration (except the last scene which goes right from massage to sex) all while their boyfriends stand and wait only a meter or two away sometimes playing on their phone and others attempting to look right into the studio.  

With reality being an issue that needs to be dealt with at times, as the day turns to night, we lose some of what makes Magic Mirror special:  the one way mirror is covered with a curtain starting with the third scene.  You can still kind of see outside, but yes, some of the magic is gone.  The reason is simply due to it thus becoming easier to see into the studio which is something best avoided by darn near anyone.  And that's it, really.  For negatives, there aren't much.  Sure, watching all scenes back to back can be tiresome and I don't recommend that, but taken on its own we get five very solid encounters that serve as a great introduction to this incredible series.

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Overall Satisfaction


+Magic Mirror + X is a theme that will never get old.
+" " + massages is almost as good as it gets!
+That they hired an actress to play a masseuse rather than making it a sausage party.
+Heavy squirting, wild sex.  All scenes go all out.


-All scenes pretty much follow the same script EXCEPT the third which breaks the fourth wall in a unique way.
-Some sex toy scenes felt too mechanical with mute actor putting in toy, women orgasming/squirting, and then repeating a few times.