Ryo Kagami - Golf Date with my Ex-Girlfriend

Published March 1, 2023

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Top-tier Japanese MILF from the bottoms of feet to lustrous hair, great at golf, OK to cheat, and a lover of raw sex. Perfection.

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Ryo Kagami - Golf Date with my Ex-Girlfriend
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

To begin:  an apology...of sorts.  Why?  Because we have little excuse why in spite of licensing both RYO KAGAMI movies at the same time there is an almost gargantuan five year gap (!) between the updates.  Certainly what we are showing today and the one from years back were shot if not on the same day, then certainly frighteningly close to each other going by featuring the same actor and an otherwise unchanged RYO, the Japanese MILF with the golden smile.  Truly, an actress who should have had a huge career ahead of her but in reality appeared in a small number of 'underground' releases before returning to a normal, camera-less life.  Sometimes that happens, sadly.  In a way, she is the older version of MEINA SHIRAKAWA, another name--younger this time--that could have been A-rank material but opted for less and a fast exit.

GOLF DATE WITH MY EX-GIRLFRIEND, via amateur masterminds at DREAMROOM, is another one of those lower budget but still commendably shot JAV movies built around a theme that doesn't really happen much and instead we get surprisingly decent love hotel sex.  Yes, there is a kinda-sorta golf portion, but it basically consists of RYO hitting some balls at a shooting range for a grand total of 61 seconds.  Otherwise, this is a sexy talk car ride (really, it's well worth watching in full in spite of not featuring lots of skin), said golf break, nocturnal post-production-enhanced outdoor bath romance (the lighting was odd, but the play was glorious so watch this), and raw creampie sex (real!) in the love hotel.  On a bed this time, mind you.  Unlike last week's update, this one features a couple who opts for pleasure AND comfort--and I don't blame them!

Obviously if you prefer actresses under 40'ish, RYO KAGAMI may not be your ideal woman.  But otherwise, good grief does she GOT it.  I mean it!  That smile, those looks, that bedroom passion, the curves, the fit butt, a love of rubber-free no pull-out unfaithful sex.  A most ideal Japanese woman who anyone--even non golf fans--wouldn't mind going to the range with if the after party was held at a private love hotel suite for two.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 348

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+RYO KAGAMI, built ground up for Japanese MILF fans.
+Lower budget, but still features a few location changes.
+The sex is great.  Really.  She shows true passion.


-Actor, let's keep those pubes in check!
-Pool scene had some odd lighting possibly due to post-processing fiddling in the editing room.

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