Ryo Kagami - Public Exposure Date

Published June 13, 2018

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

Ryo Kagami is milf perfection for fans of older Japanese women and she shows all in this special DREAMROOM update featuring some public exposure.

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Ryo Kagami - Public Exposure Date
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So technically the original Japanese title for today's uncensored update by DREAMROOM made reference to RYO KAGAMI being an 'ex-girlfriend', but the actual movie made zero mention of this.  We thus opted to remove that from the title's English translation as it did not make much sense.

Aside from that modicum of strangeness, PUBLIC EXPOSURE DATE is a pretty sound title.  It's still a bit bare-bones when it comes to production value (a trait shared by many other uncensored releases), but it packs a lot in its compact 70 minute runtime.  We liked it, really, and we're sure anyone who's into older Japanese women and outdoor play will as well.

RYO KAGAMI is a babe.  Plain and simple.  Is she perfect in every way?  Absolutely not, but this former actress of V-Cinema and one-time idol hopeful from years past will definitely attract attention of those who prefer their women a bit more 'experienced' and older.  She claims to be 32 when this was filmed, but I think mid-thirties is a bit closer to reality.  Regardless of age, it was great seeing a quaint milf release taking some real risks with outdoor filming.

PUBLIC EXPOSURE DATE may not be a bona fide Maniac in Public release as the outdoor portions only last for about 15 minutes (not counting the fun in the car), but it was still really cool to see a more modern take on public nudity JAV.  Crazily enough, partway through a fondling encounter at a rundown building near a highway overpass, they actually got caught by someone working there so the scene ended prematurely.  An in-car blowjob was the logical workaround and it was performed on the way to to the hotel though the actor had to wait until they were checked in before blowing his load.

One of the things I enjoyed about this release was how once stripped, RYO remained stark naked for the rest of the release.  Granted, she had a small coat for modesty, but even then she was nude underneath.  Talk about a strange day for her:  waking up, meeting the director, and then for the next few hours be without a stitch while battling waves of arousal leading to a condom-free sex encounter being filmed and photographed by various staff members while said director impales you.

Being an uncensored release, we're treated to a nakadashi finish.  As someone who loves creampies as much as anyone else, I have no complaints about the director emptying himself inside RYO.  He enjoyed it and she seemed rather pleased herself (though her pleasure may have been more related to her potential big payday).

PUBLIC EXPOSURE DATE begins with a ton of dialog in the car.  We really do find out quite a bit of RYO's past.  Being a JAV release, however, what's true and what's apocryphal is anyone's guess.  I'd say there's elements of both mixed together though don't be surprised if RYO appears drastically different the next time we show her (we've another update with her on the way!).

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