Misaki Aiba - Restructuring for a New Me

Published April 6, 2022

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A most novel take on cuckolding in this interesting uncensored release starring an extra busty and hairy actress.

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Misaki Aiba - Restructuring for a New Me
Timing and Translation by Jimi Hentai

What do you do when you find out you're a sugar daddy in a relationship that's breaking the bank and getting very little in terms of return?  Let's say you somehow hook up with a beautiful younger women and at first she's eager to satisfy your urges, but as time goes on, the cost to do so rises and the frequency of her actually engaging lessens.  You're too needy to end things; after all, it's not like finding a new patron is that easy.  This is where we introduce a new service that helps form these relationships in ways most amicable.  Success?  Most of the time, thankfully.

I have to hand it to DREAMROOM for delivering something way beyond simple vanilla sex.  Sure, uncensored JAV is not known for grandiose entertainment (and this goes double with the rise of all those super amateur one-man shops nowadays!) so seeing them think outside of the box for a movie I'm urging to describe as cuckolding with a twist is very welcomed.

Because that's what this is, basically.  RESTRUCTURING FOR A NEW ME is all about an older sugar daddy of sorts hoping a unique service can help set things straight.  And how is this achieved?  By having his girlfriend film an adult video of course!  The logic goes well beyond the pay I'm getting to pen this review.  Think spinning planets, buzzing alarm clocks, beakers of purple liquid, and not a condom in sight.  Confused?  I was too when first being handed this movie to look over, but after a few perusals, the ingenious of it hit me like a wet sock.

MISAKI AIBA is certainly not a big name.  Beyond this movie, her career spanned only a couple of movies with most featuring even lower budgets if you can believe it.  I won't call her a babe, but she knows her high points (mainly her extra large breasts and natural bush) and uses them to the best of her ability.  What this movie lacks in good color correction (you'll understand when you see it), it makes up for in that real creampie and a unique plot I have to give the studio credit for.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 350

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Busty, hairy actress perfect for fans of busty, hairy women.
+Very unique cuckold'ish theme all things considered.
+Real creampie finish.


-Colors look very washed out.