Cuckolding Onsen Vacation with Shameful Hairy Wife

Published October 21, 2022

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A husband gets his naturally hairy wife to agree to his ultimate fantasy of having sex while he watches (and later joins in!).

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Cuckolding Onsen Vacation with Shameful Hairy Wife
Timing and Translation by ZENRA

If there's one niche we have barely scratched at ZENRA, it's cuckolding.  That changes now.  While we've shown movies in the past with this theme, it was more of 'testing the waters' by licensing a few curve-ball releases by JAV studios known more for other types of movies.  Case in point:  GOGOS whom until recently we mostly showed lesbian movies from.  Throughout their modern iteration as a production company focusing on hyper-realism, they've released a steady stream of cheating wife movies where the husband is in on it.  We already showed their three spouse swapping magnum opuses and even though the first two were shot in sub-standard SD quality, they were hits.  Big hits!  We had to show more and thus, our most recent batch of licensing with them focused first and foremost on movies with similar themes.

First, something of an unfortunate reality check:  GOGOS while big on cheating wives has released only a trio of bona fide swapping movies and movies with a real deal cuckolding/hotwife theme only slightly more in count.  However, they have filmed many movies that feature a wife being 'sent' by her husband to cheat with the director/actor.  We sometimes get her on the phone with him in the middle of the act, but he isn't there (and we will be showing a few movies like this as well since GOGOS has shot well over 100 with more coming out monthly!).  Actual unfaithful sex in front of husband movies are not as common, but fortunately they have shot some like the amazing release we're proud to be updating with today.

CUCKOLDING ONSEN VACATION WITH SHAMEFUL HAIRY WIFE may or may not star SATOMI HONDA, an incredibly cute actress probably not that well known in spite of being pretty active.  Here, we see her with her husband.  A young couple, but with a kink that regular romance just can't satiate.  Surprisingly young, all things considered, this couple still testing the waters of marriage and fidelity goes beyond the norm with her husband first sending her off a half year earlier to have sex with GOGOS's resident director (this is an actual movie they pushed out that we may show if there's enough demand) and she's back again and this time her husband wants to watch everything go down in person.

My biggest gripe in JAV with wives cheating behind their husbands themes is how he never finds out.  Or if he does, it's totally remote.  The latter has merit we will explore later, but not knowing--aka NTR--to me sounds like a cheap way not to hire an extra.  The ultimate in elusive JAV remains cuckolding/hotwife movies with the husband in the room watching--and in the last scene here, actually engaging in the act!  This is what I want to see in these kinds of movies and I'm elated GOGOS has delivered the goods.

The casting of SATOMI or whatever her name may be is perfect:  pale, innocent, approachable, pure, and most important, hairy.  Yes, she rivals TSUBAKI KATOU when it comes to untamed virgin southern forests and here we have her playing--rather well I may add--a wife eager to please her husband's brazen requests while also potentially getting off on it herself.  Do note, this is as Japanese as it gets thus fans of women going wild with delight from having sex with a stranger in a risky situation may be crestfallen when seeing how SATOMI takes the 'safe' route by putting on a commendable "I'm ashamed and embarrassed, but this feels so good" performance.

From start to finish, this almost 150 minute movie oozes realism.  It's also a slow-burner, but given its theme, it makes sense to slowly push towards sex with an audience rather than commence with it.  Here, we get close to 45 minutes (!) before THAT happens and due to being filmed during peak COVID, we don't even see his wife without a mask on until 30 minutes in.  It's worth it though.  The dialog in that important first act really sets everything up.  My only other issue with CUCKOLDING ONSEN VACATION WITH SHAMEFUL HAIRY WIFE is how during the first sex scene where the wife was having sex with the director, her husband was putting on his own hyper-realistic impression of a wallflower.  He was there, he was recording on his own, but was not saying a thing.  A little bit of dialog here--be it encouragement for his wife, realizing cuckolding is something best left a fantasy, or anything would have been better than nothing at all.  If you're into the cuckolding/hotwife theme and want to see JAV do it rather well, this is a movie well worth watching.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1126

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Wife is incredibly adorable (and hairy!).
+Cuckolding in JAV is rare so always a plus to see it done.
+Extremely realistic.
+No creampies, but no fake cum either.  GOGOS, thankfully, keeps it real.


-Slow buildup may test the patience of some.  45 minutes before action starts.
-Husband pretty much a mute wallflower in the first sex scene.
-Director speaks clearly and knows all the right words, but is out of shape.

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