Maid Training Day

Published February 1, 2017

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Another deai-kei pickup site success featuring a very cute amateur going by Azusa who fortunately is down for pretty much anything by DREAMROOM.

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Maid Training Day
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By now everyone's certainly heard of hookup apps such as Tinder, but there's been many, many other ways for people interested in 'brief' encounters to meet. Japan had a head start with telephone clubs and it wasn't long until internet BBS forums took hold (and still are popular even today).  Of course most users are men, but that doesn’t mean the female side of these sites are populated solely by 'fembots'.  Real women use them too.  Sometimes it's just to find sexual gratification in ways that they can't replicate at home.  More often it's to make extra money.

You see, most encounters don't come gratis.  Think of deai-kei sites--what these BBS's are normally referred to as--as kinda sorta escort classifieds, but with a bit less money needed (usually...).  Since it usually is by and for real people, the outcomes may be far less set in stone and the looks are closer to girl-next-door rather than your done up escort.  But for those who want realism, hooking up with a random stranger for one of those delightful short-stay love hotel encounters is where it's at!

That's where we find AZUSA on this unseasonably warm day as she waits outside of a love hotel for her partner--played by a scruffy actor we've seen in many other titles released by DREAMROOM.  This time around he's still pretty much playing himself in a title called MAID TRAINING DAY that honestly-speaking, has little to do with maids aside from some light cosplay that pops up in the second half of the update.

AZUSA is a very cute girl and we really like her personality.  She's bubbly, outgoing, but with a wee bit of shyness that essentially comes standard for Japanese women her age.  The initial reasons for meeting are not explained, but going by the flow of this release, we're apt to believe it is indeed a deai-kei encounter gone very right.  It starts out with casual stripping almost from the get-go and continues with prurient toy play of multiple varieties along with blowjobs done sans mosaic.  And of course like most other uncensored releases, condoms are totally absent.

Nakadashi sadly doesn't happen.  This time pulling out is what's on the menu though given the maid uniform theme, it's makes more sense to see AZUSA's temporary attire become completely disheveled in spunk.  We enjoyed it and it looked like she was all smiles as well.

We do feel a bit let-down by how cosplay wasn't featured as much as we thought it would be.  You'd think with a name like MAID TRAINING DAY, there'd be more of a push for some maid-related naughtiness, but the overall play was what you'd normally expect from a short romp in a Japanese love hotel.  Then again, although uncensored releases by DREAMROOM are shot in beautiful HD, the name of the game is 'uncensored + amateur' with most other elements of fun sexual times left out.  The extreme focus on sex itself is one of those things that make some people love uncensored Japanese AV while making others despise it.  So yes, if the screenshots to the left of this review look nice, then go ahead and sink your teeth into this update.

Big name Japanese AV stars are great and we do feature them often, but amateurs such as AZUSA come feature-equipped with their own charms such as extreme naivety that work very well in titles like MAID TRAINING DAY.  We don't feature *too* many dress-up titles, but things can always change as we continue to expand what we show at ZENRA.

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