Riko Tanabe

Riko is a 33 year old actress. She started her career 13 years ago and is still active today. Check out the ZENRA collection of 3 videos featuring Riko below!
田辺 莉子
Riko Tanabe
Date of Birth: 16 / 01 / 1991
Active Since: 2011
The 50 Person Orgy Second Half

Synchronized sex for the ages! Over two dozen JAV stars taking part in a huge orgy free-for-all.

The 50 Person Orgy First Half

Peak Golden Era uncensored JAV in the form of a gargantuan group going all out without a rubber in sight.

Riko Tanabe - Covert Relationship Destruction

Wanting her husband gone and a good reason for it, a wife hires a relationship destruction specialist.

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