Kei Nishizono - Scouting a Voluptuous Sex-Crazed Student

Published August 23, 2023

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Meeting up with a naturally voluptuous and hairy student from Kansai visiting Tokyo for raunchy romance in a high rise hotel.

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Kei Nishizono - Scouting a Voluptuous Sex-Crazed Student

Timing and Translation by JM84

Who know over five years later (gosh how time flies) we'd be back with another--and perhaps the last unless we discover more gems she appeared in--movie starring KEI NISHIZONO. I've always had a fond thing for this performer. Both then with her shorter hair now longer (guess which was filmed first!), we get a pretty unique-looking woman who may or may not be from Okinawa. She has that look and if you've seen Okinawans (many may live in Hawaii for our fans from USA!), you'll know what I'm talking about.

SCOUTING A VOLUPTUOUS SEX-CRAZED STUDENT even for DREAMROOM is a pretty novel movie. This is mostly due to being filmed and starring an actor I've never seen before or since. As these are usually self-shot (or close to it such as today's update) affairs, the people in front and behind the camera can make the movie their own so it's always cool to experience a JAV movie from another perspective. I mean think about how this movie would flow if someone like Samori directed it. We'd have tons of distant camera moments of KEI being a bit too familiar with the gent's nipples.

The theme here is as simple as a title: meeting up with an out-of-towner, chatting her up over lunch, some fun time in a van, and then sex in a...wait, our update from last week had almost the same plot, but with an older performer. OK, so the one minus for these types of movies is it's hard to recreate the wheel each and every time, but sometimes a basic theme done again and again is just what the doctor ordered. It doesn't hurt that KEI has a dynamite body from head to toe: top-tier breasts, curves in the right places, a huge derriere, and a love of raw coitus and no pulling out. Just the type of person you can introduce to your parents.

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+Very, very easy on the eyes actress.
+Showing the most ideal activity for a hot summer day.
+Naturally hairy goes well with creampie.


-Some of the footage before the hotel was quite hard to make out so pardon any translation gaps.

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