Sumire Matsu in Scent and Smell

Published May 23, 2015

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Extreme fetish Japanese AV title starring the busty Hokkaido born Sumire Matsu who fulfills a unique smell fetish with English subtitles.

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Sumire Matsu in Scent and Smell
with English Subtitles


It's isn't jumping to conclusions when remarking that a good deal of modern Japanese AV of the 'documentary'--or 'document' as it's called in Japan--type generally follow a straight-forward A to B to C format:  you've the interview which is especially potent if you're filming a debut.  This is followed by some increasingly risque foreplay which itself is followed by a bout or two of actual intercourse.  The interview portion may have some wild-card elements depending on how outgoing the AV star is along with the word-play finesse of the interviewer.  However, actual scenes where clothes are shed and intimate activities are filled under harsh studio lights are pretty normal.

The thrill of course is seeing it done with someone new.  Perhaps she'll react differently.  Perhaps the interaction between her and the experienced AV actor will be quite prosperous.  Perhaps she'll squirt...far.  These are all great when done right which is something even the more 'normal' releases on ZENRA strive to showcase complete with our exclusive English subtitle treatment.  However, we also push to have the bread and butter of our maniac-oriented site to be more about the alternative titles that make up a rather sizable portion of Japan's burgeoning adult video market.

FETIS was discovered by chance--an accident, really.  We saw a small banner for them on the site of a different studio we were pursuing (unsuccessfully unfortunately...well, for now...).  We were already planning on going to Tokyo the following week to meet with other studios so an email followed by a phone call led to us securing a meeting with the mastermind of this rather fetish-oriented Japanese studio, Sade Satou.   Sade Satou may not be a household name for westerners into Japanese AV, and even in Japan amongst domestic AV otakus, his name may not ring a bell, but he has quite the pedigree within Japan's adult subculture.  On top of working nonstop on his alternative FETIS label, he also founded FETI-FES, a unique meeting of like-minded fetish enthusiasts held several times a year in Tokyo.  What's more, he recently directed the very successful live-action movie of MAI-CHAN'S DAILY LIFE, an eroguro story of a Japanese maid whose body is well...let's just say the Facebook link above is not for sensitive viewers.

The first FETIS title featured on ZENRA stars Sumire Matsu, a tall (for a Japanese woman at least) and busty adult film actress hailing from Hokkaido.  FETIS may not be well-known (yet), but with a career spanning 5 years under her belt, Sumire Matsu is a household name for all the AV freaks out there and it's somewhat surprising so far into her career (which ended last year with her (first?) retirement) to see her opt to appear in a truly indies title with a rather unique theme:


SCENT AND SMELL Starring SUMIRE MATSU is filmed in the standard A-B-C document style mentioned above, but it follows the guidelines of standard AV only lightly.  Interestingly, the initial interview portion is largely absent in favor of foreplay from the get-go, but compared to your regular adult video, dialog in this lengthy 140 minute production is thick and turgid with much of it pertaining to the function of our noses.

Early scenes show her still in street clothes having her breasts felt up in a public hallway (where they actually do get caught during filming!), but all other scenes in the title culminating with the explosive facial hardcore finale feature Sumire Matsu in various cosplay uniforms.  Being a small and independent company, FETIS has put all the items she wore and used in this production up on their site for sale.  Those who cannot read Japanese can contact ZENRA support for English assistance in procuring whatever items may be remaining.

Being a fetish-themed production, along with ample doses of nose and scent play, we even encounter a short scene with Sumire Matsu sitting on the toilet going #1.  After wiping, her used toilet paper is collected (which she signs later) before snot play is initiated.  Booger play in Japanese AV is rather rare, though most FETIS titles do feature it in some amount.  Sadly, Sumire was having a clear nose day and there wasn't much in terms of pickings.  Those looking to see actual green goblins come out of the noses of cute Japanese women can wait a bit longer as we have more FETIS movies that feature this that will be on ZENRA in the future.  We also have at least one title by FETISH-TOKYO featuring lesbian booger play that will be released sometime as well in the future.

As this very unique production runs its course, we see more and more of Sumire au naturale leading to her taking the lead with poor Tanaka-san, who may be the most average/nerdy AV actor in existence, whom allows her to pleasure him in his strange form-fitting underwear with ample focus on nose-jobs.  Yes--nose-jobs or a nosejob--where Sumire uses her tiny nose and rubs up and down his shaft while smelling his rancid (her words, not ours) erection.  This finally leads to the miasmic mixing of juices via intercourse where Sumire's AV prowess shines through and conquers.

SCENT AND SMELL Starring SUMIRE MATSU is great.  It really is and we highly recommend it.  Titles like this that feature big name AV stars in full-length movies with extreme focus on one type of unconventional fetish are very rare.  Sumire was a team player and remaining chirpy throughout the entire affair.  She even was featured in a bonus scene where we see her signing all her uniforms while commenting on their stench.  This was a very dialog-focused title and the English subtitles truly make this something special.  Enjoy it!  We sure did.

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1516

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