My Pantyhose Fetish Came to Haunt Me

Published April 25, 2015

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Japanese men have their bizarre pantyhose fetishes acted out by dominant women with extreme streaks of harsh femdom with English subtitles.

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My Pantyhose Fetish Came to Haunt Me
with English Subtitles

The level of depth one can find in the nearly endless rabbit hole that is Japanese AV is astounding.  Nearly every fetish and method of sexual release has been examined and showcased in some shape or form.  From bizarre movies featuring cross-dressing men being tormented by vicious women to nonstop armpit appreciation complete with hair plucking and armpit-handjobs, the fetish flavor-of-the-month has never been so abundant with never-ending variety.

Even simple movies all about a certain body part can take on a new light when elements of femdom and bondage squeeze into the picture as well and this is what today's uniquely CFNM (clothed female, naked male) production is all about.  It's erotic and ideal for those who love nothing more than the pantyhose-covered legs of older Japanese women who enjoy being in charge in private settings.

Produced by GUTS, a Japanese AV production company which produced a smorgasbord of adult video both incredibly fetish-oriented and mainstream as well, MY PANTYHOSE FETISH CAME TO HAUNT ME me is a great introductory piece to the world of lower body love of all things legs clad in skin-thin nylon.  Of course, being known for their highly masochistic titles starring both sexes, GUTS does not make this a simple production solely about pantyhose appreciation.  Rather, it's a pillar of dedication to foot lovers who also are fond of being bound.

The first scene contains elements of role play with the bound and nearly naked gentleman putting on his best barking imitation while crawling circles around the dangling legs of his female captor.  Later scenes are a bit more straight-forward roleplay-wise, but all contain instances of oral foot devotion complete with saliva-infused licking.

Facesitting, which is now proscribed in some countries for reasons that frankly make no sense, also shows itself in some scenes.  We see clothed Japanese women resting their most sensitive bits on the faces of squirming men furiously pleasuring themselves while licking and sucking on as much pantyhose-clothed skin as possible.  Orgasms are wet, explosive, and messy.  The latter with extra focus due to the dumping of soapland lotion all over their midsections as amused women watch on with glee.

This is not an immensely heavy femdom title such as other recent releases.  It almost feels more like these are actual couples where the wife (all 4 women in this production are all in their 30's and 40's) is putting on a dominatrix role for a husband who loves being on the bottom end of pleasure.  Extreme teasing and bullying do not show themselves in this title, but harder themes of both male- and female-led 'training' will be shown on ZENRA at a later date.

Without a doubt, a title such as MY PANTYHOSE FETISH CAME TO HAUNT ME is steadfast resident of Japanese maniac alley.  It's far from mainstream adult video due to its focus not on intercourse, but domination and self-gratification with ample attention to the carrying out of pantyhose-worship.  Although a production like this may not be for everyone, it does show off very well the liberties that Japanese adult video companies take when creating movies for even the most peculiar of fans--something Japan is known very well for.

Although not massively infused with dialog like other femdom Japanese AV titles, today's release at ZENRA does feature heavy one-sided banter from the female leads.  Light verbal teasing and awe of erections are frequent and subtitled in English for your viewing benefit.  This was a fun one to work on and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 340

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