GOGOS New Female Employees Special Training Course 2

Published February 21, 2022

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Low pay, high social stigma, uniform (and clothing) optional. Condoms provided by company but deducted from paycheck. Not a dream job, but the checks clear.

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GOGOS New Female Employees Special Training Course 2
Timing and Translation by JM84

As I've noted before, in all the times I've been to actual JAV studio offices, I've rarely seen female staff members.  Sometimes you do get surprises:  like the slightly older, but still very hip female producer, but it's pretty much a sausage party with few, few exceptions.  Studio offices themselves are as drab as they come:  think the same open office plan you see in Japanese dramas with perhaps a wall of videos and marketing posters of scantily clad (or totally naked) women hung up here and there.  No music, just guys staring at computer screens doing gosh knows what.  Some may be doing in-house mosaic work, but for the most part, it's a depressingly white collar job that doesn't pay all that well while carrying a heavy dose of social stigma to boot.

GOGOS is aware of the situation and while being a reality production company at heart, has been producing a series of 'female employee' movies for awhile that take the trope of hiring a cute and eager (and pretty!) new face and seeing if she balks at incorporating very JAV star-like performances into her new job.  This puts a decidedly risque spin on 'pink collar'.  It's been almost three years (!) to the date, but we're back with the sequel to GOGOS NEW FEMALE EMPLOYEES SPECIAL TRAINING COURSE.  More new faces and more sex at work!  This time thankfully it's in FHD.

For ZENRA fans, one face at least should be familiar as it was only a few months ago we showed her in another release by the same studio.  There MISUZU NAKATA played a newer face.  You can consider today's update her origin story.  The plot to this update is pretty similar to what you'd expect in most any SADISTIC VILLAGE release:  females in a world gone mad.  Females often without clothes.  Sex, sex, and lots of it!  From GOGOS's office itself to the bathroom and a crazy after-work party to round everything out (the latter being a full-son foursome).

Unlike other studios, GOGOS pushes realism hard and that means heavy dialog.  Thus, it goes almost without saying, but NEW FEMALE EMPLOYEES SPECIAL TRAINING COURSE 2 requires some patience.  I don't recommend fast-forwarding past the initial interviews.  It sets the stage for the activities that soon follow.  It's all the better to know why everyone is doing what they're doing after all.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1719

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Hyper-realism for a scenario that probably doesn't ever actually happen.
+Great group play.
+Excellent example of 'going with the flow' no matter what.


-Slow buildup not for everyone.

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