Ladies Golf Cup HD Uncensored

Published January 10, 2015

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Golf Championship mixed with equal doses of outdoor embarrassments by means of bottomless uniforms and sexual games galore in HD with subtitles.

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Ladies Golf Cup HD Uncensored
Part One with English Subtitles

The love of golf is universal. Even in Japan where flat lands that are not used already for some sort of development be it housing, farm land, etc. are not all that common when one needs it for a proper 18-hole golf course. Either way, it is a popular past-time among the increasingly aged population and young folk also like it in limited numbers thanks to the likes of various younger Tiger Woods-type players.

Japanese AV stars aren't immune to the sport and today three face off to become the quintessential tournament queen. Hosted by a jovial actor who has appeared recently as a mourning husband whose life 180'd via the introduction of a busty nudist maid and starring Erika Hiramatsu, Nao Yuzumiya, and Nana Kunimi, Ladies Cup Golf Uncensored HD successfully combines unexpectedly honed swinging skills with well-timed sexual 'awards' in the forms of penalty games.

Golf is a tough game to master and it is the life's work of many. The three AV stars taking part are on the path to becoming formidable players and it shows. This is a not a simple production where golf is played out by participants who have never stepped on anything but a miniature golf course. All three players have their form down solid and make some pretty impressive shots.

The rules are somewhat similar to the normal game: holes are by Par and the person who takes the fewest shots wins. Things go a bit awry from here though: penalty games are featured for screw-ups such as landing in a bunker (massager teasing), going out of bounds (fellatio), and swinging air instead of a ball (stark naked swinging practice). The player who finishes the hole with the worst score takes part in a sex penalty game and since this is an uncensored production filmed in HD, authentic nakadashi--or finishing inside without pulling out--is the name of the game.

What's more, the golfers cannot wear any undergarments. Thus, under their polo shirts and short skirts is nothing but air and this is something the host enjoys pointing out by frequently using a golf club to raise a skirt or two always with the sharp acumen of blaming it on a sudden breeze. It works out well in the favor of fans who enjoy peeking at butts--and fortunately all three participants don't lack in this area. Pancake rear ends are nowhere to be found in this production (though don't expect 'thick' women as they also do not take part in this production, unfortunately).

Some of the penalty games are filmed outside and others within a studio. Those with sharp eyes and a good command of capturing surroundings will take note that although the actual golf portion of the production takes place on an actual course, all of the outdoor penalty games take place in the same outside 'village' set featured in the recent Naked in School HD along with many, many other productions. These types of large sets are often shared amongst various Japanese AV production companies.

The embarrassment during the nude swinging practice sessions is as real as it gets and the raunchier penalty games are shown up close and personal without a shred of mosaic to be found. Those wanting to see it all and then some will be very pleased. All three Japanese AV stars planned ahead for this special production and kept themselves prim and properly trimmed where it counts most.

Scenes where penalty games are carried out do not feature too much dialog, but the actual golf portions are near non-stop with playful banter between host and increasingly embarrassed and sexually exhausted players. On-screen captioning such as score sheets and penalty announcements are also featured heavily and all receive the Zenra exclusive English subtitle treatment.

The weather in a good chunk of the world may be somewhat inclement as far as going out to shoot a few rounds of golf is concerned so Ladies Cup Golf can serve as a nice 3-hour vacation for devout fans of the sport of sports. These three Japanese AV stars may be amateurs compared to the real pros of the game, but they all have put serious time in especially when it comes to proper swinging form. As one famous golf coach said, "It's all in the hips" and these three show that off sans underwear and ample amounts of embarrassment.


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Ladies Golf Cup HD Uncensored
Part Two with English Subtitles


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