ZENRA SOCCER - The Deciding Match Part One

Published May 11, 2016

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A fortunate group of thirteen Japanese soccer players try their darndest to make it to the nationals even if that includes stark naked practice.

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ZENRA SOCCER - The Deciding Match
Part One with English Subtitles
(Part Two available here)


With fair weather comes having fun outside!  And with that, sports are back in season both in Japan and at ZENRA.

Welcome to ZENRA SOCCER, where clothing is optional and the male coaching staff is...well, very vocal about obeying the rules!

It's hard to say today and next week's double update takes part within the same alternate nudist universe that previous naked in school updates have belonged to.  On one hand, it is filmed in the same exact set that previous iterations of the stark naked theme have used.  Yes, those with sharp eyes--or those who just watch a ton of AV--may immediately find familiarity with both the soccer field and 'classroom' used for this title.

Production companies of Japanese AV usually don't own their own studios (outside of very small apartments) and more grandiose productions such as ZENRA SOCCER - THE DECIDING MATCH require some corners to be cut in order to be actually filmed.

With thirteen actresses and almost a half dozen actors, this really was a massive production.  It's not often you have three dozen people appearing in front of the camera in a hardcore AV release.  This time around, the cast mainly was amateur talent because speaking frankly, titles like this cost a small fortune to make and hiring on huge names in numbers this high for an uncensored release of this length would break the bank even for a huge company like DREAMROOM.  In fact, ZENRA SOCCER was a joint venture release between them and another company we work with, POMPIE.  A title like this is simply too big for a sole entity to handle!


篠宮香穂 Kaho Shinomiya
関口真琴 Makoto Sekiguchi
君島あかり Akari Kinishima
高島寧音 Nene Takashima
長澤りお Rio Nagasawa
宮下ちはる Chiharu Miyashita
このみゆうか Yuuka Konomi
南野リカ Rika Minamino


長谷川花音 Kanon Hasegawa
内倉麻衣 Mai Uchikura
河愛みな Mina Kawai
七草まつり Matsuri Nanakusa
知念仁絵 Hitoe Chinen

The two main actors in this release are:

工藤健太 Kenta Kudou
ピエール剣 Pierre Ken

In the above list, we separated five of the actresses from the initial eight because they had no mention in any promotional materials.  Most likely these five are what's known as 'kikaku amateurs' with 'kikaku' meaning 'planning' in English.  Most actresses at this rank usually are in for the money and don't mind being paid less so long as their faces have minimal promotional use.  Sometimes you may see actresses rise from this level into full-blown AV stars, but it isn't common.

And just for their record, their stage names were revealed within the first 2 minutes of the very first scene so there's no issue with including them in the review.  Rest assured, these are not their real names and these half dozen Japanese women remain true blue amateurs as far as we're concerned.

ZENRA SOCCER is all about a team of college students (?) or high school students (?).  We're not entirely sure as it's not provided, but given AV's overall fixation on youth, we'll say it's the latter.  The soccer team wants to not only make it to the nationals, but win, and their highly skeevy principal played by KENTA KUDOU has little faith that their coach, RIKA MINAMINO, is up to task.  Thus, he entrusts a strict coaching staff led by the surprisingly martinet PIERRE KEN who slams down his metaphorical iron fist on dissidence.  When he's in charge, the world around him is all about by-the-book soccer and those who disobey are met with highly embarrassing and very erotic penalties.

So yes, this is another one of those harder titles such that features a very strong element of dominant men going all out on submissive females.  We're well aware that this is a very tried-and-true trope of Japanese AV, but when companies put down an immense amount of capital to make a massive title like this, 'playing it safe' is the name of the game.

Expect tons of sex with ample close-ups given the uncensored nature of this release.  ZENRA SOCCER was unique compared to other uncensored updates in that a few of the scenes had light lesbian elements.  Don't expect full-on cunnilingus or scissoring unfortunately, but do expect naked women using sex toys on each other.  Skin to skin contact was sadly absent, but even seeing this type of action with such a high number of women together is very rare.

Will we see more uncensored updates?  What about sports updates?  Or updates that combine both?  It's a possibility if we hear enough support for them.  If you like these kinds of titles, please let us know and you may see more added to ZENRA!

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