Mari Kikukawa - Voluptuous Dream from the World of Deai-kei

Published May 19, 2021

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Meeting a ready and willing Japanese milf via the internet for a car blowjob and raw sex at a love hotel.

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Mari Kikukawa - Voluptuous Dream from the World of Deai-kei
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

With honesty resting on one shoulder and the urge to write something worthwhile on the other, I'll begin by saying sometimes we show movies of the #ClassicJAV nature that I think are more fan service than quality content.  Something such as today's release starring MARI KIKUKAWA, a popular MILF actress who debuted around the time this was shot and remained active for a good many years, is a great example.  A movie like this doesn't re-invent the wheel; it's not horrible either, but unless you're very into her and want to see her when she first joined the industry, it may be safe to say there are better MILF JAV movies out there.

VOLUPTUOUS DREAM FROM THE WORLD OF DEAI-KEI definitely has an accurate title.  I can't fault DREAMROOM when they named it (we took the original Japanese and pretty much directly translated it).  MARI is indeed voluptuous and since deai-kei--pickup sites of the time--were both then and now known more for financial deception rather than actually meeting ready and willing people, not only snagging an encounter with MARI is nigh on unheard of, the fact that she's so open about her desire to have sex with random people is a real eye-opener.  Sure, my money's on this being a professional JAV shoot with everything prearranged, but ya never know:  perhaps you really can find people like MARI on these sites if you try hard enough.

For their collection of amateur work, DREAMROOM has made use of a smorgasbord of director/cameramen and again with the honesty:  the guy who did this whom also did that 'gravure tryout' movie we showed a few years ago is far from their best.  Think awkward camera angles, too much close-ups, and and overall lack of effort.  He doesn't shoot absolutely poorly; I'm sure he far excels beyond anything I can do.  Nevertheless, this isn't their A-game and it shows.  MARI KIKUKAWA is curves upon curves, but you can barely tell that given how VOLUPTUOUS DREAM was shot.  It does finish with a real creampie so I'll give it that at least.

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+Voluptuous well-known actress in one of her first ever JAV movies.
+Slightly risky outdoor car blowjob scene.
+Real creampie finish.


-Bad camera angles and too many close-ups.  I know this was self-shot, but it still could've been better.
-Why have sex on a love hotel sofa when there's a bed nearby?