I Want to be a Gravure Model

Published August 10, 2016

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Satomi-chan meets a representative from an unnamed modeling agency in hopes of becoming a gravure model, but sex happens instead by DREAMROOM.

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I Want to be a Gravure Model
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We're really not sure why so many young Japanese women want to pursue career as idols--and no, we're not talking about AV idols here.  So many simply want to be paid to wear skimpy outfits and look good.  Eventually they want to break into the mainstream entertainment industry as talents who essentially are famous for doing absolutely nothing.

Talent or idol, singer or model, the work is far from steady and the pay is in the pits.  Competition is fierce in spite of declining birthrates.  Fans are less now than before and their average age is higher with much dirtier hands.  Females in their twenties are far from what describes the average fan of a gravure idol which is exactly who SATOMI INAMORI sets herself up as being in today's update by DREAMROOM.

She didn't actually say it, but SATOMI INAMORI wants to be a gravure model.  In fact, that's the title of this update after we translated it into English:  I WANT TO BE A GRAVURE MODEL.

This short hotel pickup release pretty much is an Amateur Nanpa title that haphazardly attempts to masquerade as something more.  It's not, really, but we don't necessarily mean that as a negative.

The entire production was shot mainly POV-style in a hotel room.  We don't see the interviewer/actor aside from his unpleasant rear end for longer than what's decent during the latter sex portions.  Mild grumbling aside, he doesn't ramble and talks clearly and most importantly, steers SATOMI from simple gravure modeling dreams into erotic play.

We would of loved to see SATOMI give some token hesitation as his requests volte-faced from modeling talk to erotic suggestions.  Instead, she played along almost too easily to the point where we think the whole modeling interview gig was more of a sexual roleplay this couple decided to enact in order to make their sex lives more thrilling.

SATOMI with her long face and pale skin is more of an Edo Period Japanese beauty.  Nowadays, her mien may be outdated, but we found her pleasant and her performance felt natural.  Being an amateur then and even now, her career was short.  We've another (harder) title she starred in that we'll put online with English subtitles sometime in the future, but cannot provide an ETA as of yet.

Although SATOMI INAMORI gave a realistic erotic performance in I WANT TO BE A GRAVURE MODEL, we were a tad let down with some of the camera choices employed in this hamedori production.  We know this was a one-man show, but we've seen better delivered by other amateur nanpa titles by dreamroom such as the one featuring Nano-chan from Okayama.  In GRAVURE MODEL, there was a instance that featured several straight minutes of SATOMI's vagina zoomed in to ludicrously huge proportions.  We get it, with uncensored movies you can show certain areas without needing mosaic, but there's something much more erotic with seeing SATOMI's natural pleasure face in extremis rather than her wet'n'messy pleasure organ.

I WANT TO BE A GRAVURE MODEL was good in that it's another decent example of the girl-next-door trope put to the small screen.  SATOMI really does come off as a real person you'd see all over Japan and not as unapproachable as some of the higher-ranked Japanese AV star veterans.  SATOMI's probably the type of young woman who scouts in Kabukicho may take notice of, but opt not to approach.  That's fine for us.  Realism sometimes triumphs over fantasy and sometimes that's a good thing.

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