Subtitled Naked in School

Published September 25, 2012

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Japanese students take part in a bizarre nudity event featuring embarrassing public situations and the occasional messy accident now with subtitles.

Naked in School 5
Part One with English Subtitles

Japan may be one of the more successful stories of the last century but recently it's birth rate and GDP are both declining in concert as the worries of its dwindling youth population rises. The government has in the past come up with a gamut of unsuccessful programs that may have seemed mildly politic under the pressing circumstances but more is needed to be done and their latest service to the greater Japanese community is one to surely raise a few eyebrows...

Japanese colleges at times bear a striking resemblance to their high school counterparts: although gargantuan lecture classes similar to those in the west are common, smaller, more focused classes in bland classrooms instructed under the keen tutelage of learned Japanese professors (although recently this is drifting away from the standard). Here, in this enhanced cozy environment, the budding and inchoate minds of some of Japan's more mentally advanced youth can debate issues that are well...worth debating.

However, our viewpoint has shifted to a less advanced class in a lesser known college that is more "open" in accepting freshly graduated high school students. Essentially, if you have a pulse and an open wallet, grab a uniform off the hanger and take a seat. In this class of less worldly students who look at the four years of Japanese higher education as a welcome break from the mundane shifts at run-of-the-mill convenience stores and video rental shops, we are shown firsthand the strange and bizarre experiment about to be performed for the greater good of the nation.

A regular Friday in this energized class of about a dozen Japanese schoolgirls and a few male loners is called to attention by their suave teacher who lays a bombshell to end all bombshells of an announcement that after their three day weekend, Tuesday and every Tuesday thereafter, class will be under a new Japanese government education department regulation that entails a volte-face in their long-standing orthodox dress code. Thus, their teacher in a surprisingly monotone delivery given the weight of this announcement, informs his class of ruffians, rapscallions, and rascals that every Tuesday will now be required nudity today. Taking the concept of the Japanese school uniform and throwing a bizarrely heterodox twist on it, these shocked schoolgirls are quite simply...shocked!

Talking amongst themselves in quiet and hushed voices, these Japanese students mutter muted protests and make assumptions that their teacher was just pulling their legs in a strange and mildly perverted prank. The teacher hearing this corrects them and continues on with the contents of the announcement listing some of the even more strange and risque rules associated with the weekly nudist Tuesday event. One of the most surprising factoids is just like how Japanese students are required to wear their uniforms both inside and outside school grounds, the same applies for the (un)lucky students taking part in the naked in school program. Thus Tuesdays will now turn this class of misbehaving miscreants into reluctant nudist exhibitionists as well.

Tuesday morning shines bright and clear and with the rising of the freshly awakened sun on yet another pleasant school-day. We are greeted by the daring sight of one of the previously outgoing, voluble schoolgirls now quiet and reserved as she clutches her belongings against her soft, exposed skin while tip-toeing outside nude in public to class trying to beat the bell and ignore the looks of some rather surprised passer-byes. After all, it isn't everyday you see a nudist Japanese schoolgirl shyly going about her day though from today onward, it will be a weekly occurrence.

The first day of naked in school Japan begins somewhat predictably with essentially all of the students doing their best to hide their nudity (except for the two male students who go out of the way to flaunt their full-mast manhoods in order to gauge reactions from their nudist piers). Minutes before the bell will sound announcing a full day of fresh, stark naked education, two of the more naughty non-rule-abiding schoolgirls enter class still fully clothed and smugly take in their bare and exposed surroundings. Reiterating the fact that they thought the whole naked in school thing was a joke, they are chided by their nude and increasingly proud classmates who tell them they better strip naked quickly before the teacher walks in. Talking amongst themselves, they decide to join their piers. After all, if they stay clothed, they'd stick out even more among a mass of nude, young Japanese flesh.

After resting their round and bare Japanese asses on the hard, unforgiving wood of a traditional Japanese classroom chair, in walks their proctor wearing a necktie and not much else and without further ado, begins his lesson plan in a classroom full of birthday celebretorians. Lecturing and class activities do not change much and the group nudity is quickly moved to the back-burner while he reads from the textbook. However, time doesn't pass quickly enough for some students and when called upon to read from their books, a fresh wave of pusillanimity arises as they are required to stand up in front of the class thus exposing their most intimate parts while they recite droll passages.

The morning lecture ends without that much excitement aside from the slowly but surely growing sexual tension between the male students and their bountiful and at times busty nudist Japanese schoolgirl counterparts. Nevertheless, the next class for these group of birthday suit-clad students is P.E. and here we see them line up and engage in some light jumping jacks, stretching (including some kinky asscheek-to-asscheek group work), and more. At the conclusion of class, their teacher smartly exists the room and sensing the fecund chirping of opportunity, a hardon sporting male student proudly walks up to the two naughty schoolgirls who came to school clothed--one with hair so blonde a SoCal soccer mom may ignite in a ruthless bout of jealousy--and begins to graze his hard shaft against the nude thigh of the one closest to him.

Turned off at first, his vocal and physical urges somehow defy the odds and with a group of keenly engaged Japanese nudist students watching, these three first-time nudists engage in some very kinky and semi-public foreplay beginning with a tag-team handjob that smoothly transitions into a free for all oral sex fiesta that ultimately makes its way into a threesome that this group of students will never forget. Lastly, it also sets the stage for some more 'adult' activities that other students in this class now will more freely engage in in their new-found independent nudist state.

Interestingly and uniquely Japanese, before this steamy student threesome began in earnest, the blonde Japanese schoolgirl asked her nudist piers to keep this a secret and with them vigorously nodding promising to protect the confidentiality of this group sex session, the real sultry fun began in earnest. Whether or not these watchful nude students hold to their word is another story though!

It goes without saying that not every student or schoolgirls in this instance is a raging fan of the new naked in school program. Going nude within the confines of a safe place of learning is one thing but heading outdoors amongst the burghers and clothed common-folk of the neighboring community is a mighty travail that can utterly destroy the self-esteem of a solo shy Japanese schoolgirl in her birthday suit.

As we soon see, a very naked necktie-clad teacher discovers two of his nudist pupils beginning to covertly change back into their standard non-Tuesday uniforms and reminds them that due to the new school regulations, they have to remain totally nude even when outside school premises. Voicing their objections and ruthlessly searching for this stern martinet's inner pity button using their best Japanese schoolgirl caterwaul pleading voices, they finally convince their teacher to relent slightly--just this time and let them gain a tiny bit of decency on their trek home. Relent he does, but not without his own terms and while fondling his growing erection, he states that after seeing so much nudity all day, he has built up quite a bit of discomfort down south and may need a little bit of help through the caring hands of his two favorite students and now is better than never.

Stripping out their lingerie and back into their nudist state, these two at-first innocent schoolgirls reroute their inner sultry personalities into full-on coquette mode to orally please their horny professor through simultaneous deep kissing and blowjobs. It doesn't take much for this hardon-sporting faculty member to be sent into an orgasm overdrive. As his two pupils use their skilled tongues to lick and graze his turgid shaft with careful attention around his reddening glans while maintaining a uniquely Japanese combination of licentious and sultry eye contact that exudes schoolgirl innocence with late night cocktail naughtiness, they send him into a messy facial orgasming frenzy as he unloads squirts and pulses of fresh, hot cum all over their waiting Japanese schoolgirl mugs and open mouths.

Weeks pass from the initial naked in school Tuesday and the occasional nudist Japanese student body gradually is becoming used to their strange once-a-week uniform strip-down but suddenly at the beginning of a relatively non-eventful naked Tuesday, their professor lays them with a bombshell of an announcement...again: in order to promote the popularity and benefits of the naked in school Japan program, a news team from a big national broadcast station will be coming in to film them in the buff for an extended piece on the evening news that will be seen by millions!

Shocked at first and just like the initial naked in school announcement, somewhat defiant, these nudist schoolgirls predictably and capriciously resign to the fact that their most private parts will be on TV for everyone to see and on this note, in walks an upbeat, energetic reporter trailed by a bulky video camera about to make history.

These nudist Japanese students return to their shy states that occupied them on that very first naked in school day some months past as having a large news cam only inches from your most personal regions as you do things such as cleaning a blackboard or sweeping a floor is quite an embarrassing experience. Nevertheless, most nudist students get on with their day acting pretty much like their normal selves and some of the more outgoing schoolgirls such as that naughty pair from early on in this production quickly regain much of their vanished temerity as they become inured to the rolling cameras.

Following a break featuring the full monty of nudist schoolgirls taking a breather from classroom activities to have a naked lunch, the reporter pulls two of the girls aside as the others leave for some outside activities. Slim, small-breasted, and black-haired, these two schoolgirls are the textbook of example of Japanese schoolgirls--or in this case, nudist Japanese schoolgirls. The reporter asks them about how they are enjoying the naked in school program, what it feels like to be nude all the time, and how they deal with the opposite sex especially when outside.

What's interesting and easy to pick upon is the growing timorousness in his voice punctuated by the increasingly frequent sharp-sucking-in-of-air noise Japanese men are known to do when engaging in a conversation in expectation of a less than stellar conclusion. As this reporter continues his almost one-sided rapport with these nudist schoolgirls and in between the sucking in of air, he finally reveals his increasingly obvious hidden intention in a less than subtle way.

Just like the teacher who discovered the two changing schoolgirls earlier on in the program, this news reporter also has experienced something of a build-up of sexual tension and is seeking for some release. As he casually pats his visibly hardening crouch, he musters up enough of his masculine reserves and asks these two shy and smiling (out of nervousness most likely) nudist Japanese schoolgirls if perhaps they can help him with his rather uncomfortable predicament. Hesitant at first, these schoolgirls back away slightly from the reporter as he lowers his pants and boxers to expose his turgid manhood. However, the lure of a commanding hardon in a class already full of some extreme and vicious sexual energy is enough to sway these two seemingly virgin students into a more helpful mindset and without much further rumination, their naif hands grasp and begin pumping away at his penis.

A few casual pumps in the form of a classroom handjob doesn't solve the sexual tension and with the other nudist students out on break, this news reporter, his cameraman, and these two horny schoolgirls have a sultry foursome in an empty classroom that begins with some mutual oral sex and progresses swiftly to a mass of smacking and sucking intercourse that surprisingly involves some light lesbian action given the two schoolgirls' previous naive demeanor. What other secrets are they hiding?

The fun and weirdness of this nudist Japanese school continue on when one day--NOT a Tuesday for a change--the fully clothed teacher in a stylish and most likely not faculty approved windbreaker yet again has a big announcement (that's this guy's 'thing' apparently -- he lives for scaring the crap out of these students!). This time it's fortunately not something totally crazy and bizarre like nude day everyday and no other film crew will be visiting them to film them in the buff. Rather, a new student has been transferred to their class and she comes all the way from Greece!

Half-Japanese "Chloe" walks in and being tan, tall, leggy, and all around a very attractive catch, gives her required self-introduction in a sultry husky voice with only the hint of a foreign accent (in reality, this is a Japanese adult actress doing her best foreigner impression but it is relatively and surprisingly believable so watch with an open mind!). Taking a seat, the nearby schoolgirls quickly take her under their wing all the while commenting on how attractive and 'cool' she is.

With pleasantries aside, they alert Chloe that every Tuesday, everyone comes to school "hadaka". Unfamiliar with the word as her Japanese vernacular is only now starting to bud, one of the helpful schoolgirls (again, one of the extra naughty ones from earlier on) interjects boldly saying that Tuesday is "nu-do" day and Chloe finally digests the memo with a massive dose of preternatural surprise.

Watching this scene pan out the way it did was actually rather interesting and eyebrow-raising because usually new students--especially those with foreign blood--in Japanese schools face a bitter uphill battle of fitting in and finding their 'clique'. Chloe with her better than average looks and fantastic born-a-coquette body lucked out for the best! Unfortunately, with Japanese not being her native tongue, some things become botched in translation and for poor leggy Chloe, the days Tuesday and Thursday although sound totally different in Japanese, look vaguely similar when written down in Chinese characters and with that, a minor tragedy occurs.

Two days after her introduction to this bizarre part-time nudist class of decently studious students, Chloe returns to a class full of clothed students and with an aghast reaction, comprehends her folly of mixing the days. However, her mistake is too late to amend and Chloe has gone to school totally naked on the wrong day! It doesn't help that being the new nudist student on a non-nudist day has automatically made her stand out even more and during the lesson, the suave windbreaker-clad announcement dropping teacher calls her to the blackboard in all her nude glory to solve problems which becomes a rather difficult task given the language barrier and her exposed nudity with every pair of Japanese schoolgirl eyes appraising her naked form. Returning to her seat, she does her best to hide her 'shame' but to little avail as her most intimate regions have been seen by all in this bizarre example of CENF (clothed EVERYBODY naked female).

During the extended lunch break, we are shown the sorry sight of a deject , penitent, and lachrymose nudist schoolgirl Chloe weeping while a group of her concerned piers huddle together trying to find a solution to raise her melancholy spirits. It doesn't take long to come to the easy conclusion that since Chloe messed up the days, maybe it would be best it everyone messed up the nudist days as well and with that, the entire class strips out of their confining uniforms to join their new foreign classmate in her exposed, naked state.

With everyone now totally naked and a bunch of free time to spend, one of the male students makes the bold claim that they may as well make the best of things and relieve some of the built up sexual tension over the last few months by getting to know each other better--and he says all this while casually pumping away at his hardon. Now, in any normal, sane class, this comment would get ignored at the very least but in a class full of nudist Japanese students who have at times over the very recent history of the naked in school program engaged in some naughty acts of kink both with other students and faculty alike, the comment is amazingly given a hearty dose of approbation by the 'leader' of the schoolgirls.

Soon enough, the sounds of coitus fill the air of this increasingly confining place of study as students give and receive oral sex, engage in full-fledged intercourse with study buddies, and even take part in some strange yet brutally pleasurable group loving such as the gaggle of nudist schoolgirls who literally take their hardon-sporting male classmate who made the initial group sex plea and flip him over upside down so they can lick and suck his exposed anus while casually pumping his hard cock with rollicking glee in order to get him to ejaculate all over himself. Schoolgirls * can * be mean.

The finale of this impromptu sudden group orgy of nudist Japanese students reaches its climax with Chloe on the floor spread eagle getting rammed by the throbbing manhood of one of her male classmates while her nude friends cheer them on and if you have never heard the high-pitched caterwauling cheerleading prowess of amped Japanese schoolgirls, bring earplugs. Bring two sets just in case.

As this crazy group orgy fades out, we are presented with one final scene that takes place a year later showing a group of students--three nudist schoolgirls including a well-adjusted Chloe and one male student also nude--who make up the rhythm gymnastics squad practicing some very revealing and exposed stretching techniques in a on-campus ballet studio. However, the male student is doing more watching then practicing and upon noticing this, the three naked schoolgirls casually toy with him while teasing and poking his hard penis and caressing his nipples. They decide that as long as he stays in this uncomfortable, aroused state, they cannot get a decent practice session. Thus, putting two and two together, they choose to aid him in much-needed sexual release.

While taking turns blowing him, these naked and very flexible schoolgirls wipe out two birds with one stone as the saying goes and practice their extreme stretching to the delight and bliss of their horny male teammate and one crazy nudist bridge stretch while getting sucked by two sets of schoolgirl tongues is enough to get him to reach the breaking point and blow his semen load all over the wooden gym floor. I wonder who has to clean that up later!

This final scene is somewhat of a funky yet visually pleasing b-side that somewhat continues the naked in school story and it should not be skipped over. If anything, considering the fact that it takes place a year later, it shows how accustomed and inured these students have become to their new nudist lifestyle. Perhaps by this time, naked in school has becoming a daily occurrence and may lead to even bigger and greater things like a national nude day...

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Naked in School 5
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