Ami Kurosawa - The Extremely Erotic College Student

Published July 29, 2020

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Ami Kurosawa really is a college student but who cares! She has curves that never end and instead of studying, opts to do uncensored JAV.

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Ami Kurosawa - The Extremely Erotic College Student
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Some may find this odd, but AMI KUROSAWA reminds me a lot of YUI HATANO .  More specifically, if YUI HATANO had a younger sister who was all around curvier.  That's what came to mind while working on today's uncensored JAV update produced by--who else?--DREAMROOM.  This is a soft one that's pretty upbeat and also filmed really well.  It stars a voluptuous beauty who's down for near anything including a real creampie, but before that, we get a whole variety of fun sexual play.

So is AMI KUROSAWA really a college student and does it matter at all when it comes to THE EXTREMELY EROTIC COLLEGE STUDENT?  Maybe and no.  She's asked if she's a student early on and after getting the affirmative, the conversation immediately segues to more ribald talk.  This is not a deep title, but it's enjoyable from start to finish.

This time around we get that chirpy yet far from attractive actor who last appeared in MY JUNE BRIDE.  He pretty much plays himself which is alright because just like GORO NARUSAWA, looks only run skin deep.  Both are OK gents in my book.  However, the one thing I don't recall ever bringing up in a ZENRA review I most note here:  penis size.  Both the stand-in in the first scene and the actor/conversationalist in everything else are both incredibly small.  Neither help dispel that unfortunate (and for the most part, false) stereotype, but gosh, I think some better balancing would have been in order.

The pluses are many:  AMI KUROSAWA has a banging body.  There's no denying that.  From head to toe, she's curves on curves; breasts that are huge, legs that are thunderous, and don't get me started on that wonderful butt.  She's got it all including a lovely full thatch of pure Japanese pubic hair that also gets ample time to shine.  Being an uncensored release, we're treated to a totally unobstructed titjob and in spite of the actor's physical inadequacy, this one's a watcher.  It's so good we decided to feature it in the free trailer so be sure to check that out if you're on the fence.

Before closing out this review, I thought it was interesting how the cameraman went above and beyond to avoid showing the faces of the actors.  Yes, in JAV usually you don't see the faces too often, but they're usually there to some extent.  This time aside from a brief breast sucking portion, the focus remained entirely on AMI and her reactions which for JAV is totally ideal and proper.


Score:  4/5

Pro's:  Fantastic body, real creampie, and done without mosaic.

Con's:  Both actors were rather small where at least some size would be warranted.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 362

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