Maya Katsuragi - First Time Assistant Director Becomes Impromptu JAV Star

Published October 25, 2017

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Some say that younger Japanese bend easily to pressure and naive Maya Katsuragi is no exception in this semi behind-the-scenes update by DREAMROOM.

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Maya Katsuragi - First Time Assistant Director Becomes Impromptu JAV Star
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“Maya-chan’s first job!  And guess what?  She got hired as a Japanese AV assistant director!  While receiving the unchained ire of forever pissed off coworkers, Maya (Maya Katsuragi) needs to ensure the actress (Ruru Aihara) remains in good spirits along with ensuring the set remains presentable.  Things take a turn for the worst as shortly through filming, the actress falls ill and is no longer able to continue performing.

Filming AV, as many of you may know, is costly and with studios bleeding money, the show must *always* go on.  Thus young and attractive Maya-chan finds herself chosen to take the place of the fallen actress.  Being a new face ripe for hazing, Maya is given none of the diva treatment actresses are used to.  Rather, it’s the same ire from earlier only magnified in the most embarrassing of ways!

Maya is startled!  Maya is confused!  Maya is...horny?!  Can she survive her first gig--an impromptu one ripe with shameful acts?!  YOU be the judge and decide if new hire assistant director Maya Katsuragi is worthy of being called a Japanese AV star!”

-Translated and touched up blurb for today’s update from its official site.

I'll say it right now:  MAYA KATSURAGI - FIRST TIME ASSISTANT DIRECTOR BECOMES AN IMPROMPTU JAV STAR by DREAMROOM is a legitimately good title.  Any of the dozen+ of you all who read these reviews know I can be rather critical of uncensored AV movies.  Specifically a good chunk seem to lack a story or if the do have one, it gets thrown to the wayside way early on for 45+ minutes of nonstop sex with way too many close-ups.  This time around the close-ups are still there (ugh...), but the story remains up front and in your face until the very end!

I'll also add early on that the original Japanese title for this release identified MAYA KATSURAGI is being hired on as a camerawoman though as the title ran its course, it was way obvious her role was more of an assistant director than anything related literal filming.  Her character did express a desire to direct in the future though (and who doesn't want to do that?!).

FIRST TIME ASSISTANT DIRECTOR--or AD--does an amazing job at combining some of my favorite tropes:  ENF and CMNF with extreme innocence.  The Japanese youth have been described as blank slates that can be easily impressed upon and MAYA holds true to this stereotype.  Being her first time on set, she just assumes its normal for any female staff member to strip stark naked and take the role of the actress if the original cast member is out sick.  She's embarrassed though, but still is a team player who shyly spreads herself and engages in increasingly salacious acts concluding with a nakadashi finale.

Lighting, sound, and even camera-work were all surprisingly good.  As mentioned above, my only gripe was all those close-ups.  We get it--it's an uncensored title so you don't have to consider mosaic placement when shooting.  Besides that, this is a really well put together release.  I'm very happy to have the opportunity to show it on ZENRA and hopefully you all can find the same level of enjoyment when watching it.

The real actress MAYA KATSURAGI had a short career playing 'innocent' characters; think the type of titles we've featured often in our defiled schoolgirls section released by GUTS way back in the day.  I think she's cute, but honestly, it's the type of cuteness that one has in their youth; the kind of cuteness that sadly fades for most people as they age.  Thus, her time as a JAV star was short, but she did it in her prime and who knows--she may not be as 'innocent' anymore, but hopefully she's living a good life.

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