Yuu Amami - Questionably Meek

Published September 26, 2018

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GUTS shows us exactly the kind of classic JAV title you will almost never seen made nowadays starring a genetically blessed actress.

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Yuu Amami - Questionably Meek
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QUESTIONABLY MEEK starring YUU AMAMI is exactly the kind of hard JAV title you don't see that often anymore.  Of course studios are still pushing out pretty heavy releases, but some of the risks this one takes even the bravest may shy away from.  While there may be even more adult video being produced today, back when this decidedly classic release was filmed, so long as everyone was of legal age, you could get away with filming anything...anywhere!

GUTS was a maker that dabbled in almost everything.  We've show many movies by them with tons more on the way (we licensed out their *entire* library) and aside from gay and newhalf, they probably filmed it...several times at least!  QUESTIONABLY MEEK is an unabashedly hard title light on dialog (our subtitlers *do* need easy days sometimes...) starring a very attractive yet short-lived actress.  Don't bother trying to hunt down more info on YUU AMAMI.  Like other women of her time, doing Japanese AV was short and fiery; it was a get-in, make a lot of money, and get out quickly scenario.

By far the most draw-dropping scene in today's update is the first:  outdoor bukkake.  *Forget* about seeing makers like WAAP try that today.  Heck, I'd be surprised if they even did it back in the day.  Whoever directed this title had balls of steel as not only was this scene filmed outdoors, but it was filmed in an actual park.  It was NOT a set.  And this was no clothed bukkake either!  Oh no--that'd be easy!  We see YUU AMAMI fondled and stripped before an impressive number of juice men unload all over her before walking away in unison.  The camera pans out on a naked and cum-covered YUU all by herself in a public park.  Insanity!

I'll skip scene summaries for what comes next as that'd just spoil the fun.  This is a quiet title dialog-wise, but it's impressively hard and features a really pretty actress.  Big JAV fans will spot a few familiar faces amongst the men taking part.  Genjin Moribayashi had a starring role and I can't be the only one who thinks he looks way better with a buzz cut and some muscles.  The short fro he has now is very meh.

There isn't too much more I can add.  QUESTIONABLY MEEK may not be the type of movie history will remember too fondly, but it does do some things extremely well.  It's also a great way to look back at just how insane JAV was back in the early 2000's when you could film just about *anything*!  Things are a bit tamer nowadays, but you'll always see studios trying to squeak past Ethics companies, but outdoor bukkake?  I can't imagine that'll happen again!

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