Fellatio Cleaning Ladies

Published October 19, 2013

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Accidental ejaculations occur in places such as bathhouses and spas and the Japanese fellatio cleaning ladies come to the rescue with subtitles.

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Fellatio Cleaning Ladies
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Japan, the customer service capital of the world by far, has spawned a multitude of relaxation services. Many have already been featured on Zenra that encompass the burgeoning niche category of sexual non-sexual. For those out of the loop, the concept is simple and devilish in a teasing sort of way: take a standard holistic care service such as a massage spa and give it an erotic twist--but not too much! Under the guise of normalcy--that of a standard treatment--introduce an erotic element in the name of pure relaxation. The prime example is the nationwide CFNM Japanese Penis Washing service which use pert genitalia cleaners to employ a smorgasbord of indecent hygiene enhancement techniques to turgid shafts all in the name of beauty and the concept is taken further in today's new production, The Fellatio Cleaning Ladies.

As the name implies, a group of Japanese cleaning women will visit a place of need in the blink of an eye for oral cleanup duty. Their task is simple: use their skilled and professionally trained tongues and hands to lap up accidental semen discharges. Six Japanese women all with equal amounts of supreme gravitas take part in this new take on sexual non-sexual Japanese services which consists of six sensual scenes of accidental erections and multiple ejaculations all under the umbrella of pure CFNM.

Two scenes are hospital- and nurse-themed. Sometimes patients work up quite a sweat when battling malaise-infused fevers and need an extra towel-down before bed in order to become comfortable. In situations such as these, a pat-down by a diligent Japanese nurse is best called for and the scene plays out swimmingly in a purely medicinal way...that is until our patient develops an erection that the Japanese nurse inadvertently wraps her towel around. Surprisingly, she continues pumping him through the hand-towel while making smalltalk and much to her chagrin, an accidental ejaculation happens.

Untrammeled by the jitters, this quick-thinking nurse does the most appropriate thing when dealing with accidental ejaculations: dial up a nearby Fellatio Cleaning Lady. Arriving with surprising haste and dressed to the nine's in a smart button-up white dress-shirt with a clashing lilac scarf on top and a sable skirt capped at the knee, our Japanese Fellatio Cleaning lady steps in from stage left ready to serve.

Taking over for the nurse, she quickly assesses the sticky situation before darting out her tongue and sensually lapping up every trace of stray semen from the base of his legs, up his happy trail, and even far-flung milky droplets on his arms. No sullied area of skin remains dry from her probings. Once the initial cleanup concludes, she returns to his flaccid shaft and begins licking every inch of it bringing about yet another erection in a gallant attempt to thoroughly clean his pipes. Her skilled lickings from the base up to the sensitive tip do the unthinkable and cause him not only to return to rock-hardness, but to eventually orgasm for a second time (!). The Fellatio Cleaning Ladies are truly maestros of the art of sexual non-sexual services.

Further scenes shift focus from the sanitized halls of hospitals to that of spas and bathhouses. One scene in particular features not one, but two massage therapists who treat their fresh from a splendid Maldives vacation client to a semi-outdoor treatment like no other. With only the tiniest of towels for modesty and resting face up, a simultaneous head and leg massage commences. Soon enough, the towel is solemnly discarded for a more intimate lymph node massage that is anything but. With the pale and soft forearms of one of the Japanese massage therapists making stroking patterns with his increasing stiff shaft stuck in between, an accident is bound to occur...and it predictably does.

A quick call to the Fellatio Cleaning Ladies service summons up a pert and ready-to-go attendant who quickly sticks out her tongue and commences her first round of semen lapping. What makes this scene truly something special to watch is while the Fellatio Cleaning Lady performs her oral duties, one of the masseuses continues to give the very relaxed client a gentle scalp and chest massage. The Fellatio Cleaning Lady's motions become more and more amorous as his shaft stiffens up for a second bout. Soon enough, she's performing full-on fellatio taking in his entire rock-hard member with a susurration of sucking and slurping all the while an attentive Japanese masseuse continues to draw gentle patterns of bliss into his head. A second ejaculation occurs followed by additional cleanup. To make the bizarre situation even more pleasurable, the treatment continues as normal from this point on.

It would be such a grand idea if this practice of ejaculation with massage was mixed into more real life services. Visiting a day spa can be such a heavenly experience but occasionally erections occur which can be a nightmare for those seeking unsullied rejuvenation. If a sexual non-sexual service as shown in this production was incorporated, the appointment books for male clientele would be bursting full for years to come.

The Fellatio Cleaning Ladies can be seen as a spiritual successor to the Sauna Ladies, Penis Washing, and Tekoki Clinic series of movies. New scenes from each of these genres are worked in and feature a cast of surprising male actors with the bravura to pull off multiple orgasms. It's a double-whammy of lascivious stroking mixed with the holistic element of massage that turns this into something magical. The Fellatio Cleaning Ladies are the main focal point of this production but the keen legerdemain of the service industry workers (who are actually played by the same actresses who make up the Fellatio Cleaning Lady roles) who bring about a series of accidental ejaculations in a fantastic CFNM environment also deserves much praise.

Full-length exclusive English subtitles are added to the Fellatio Cleaning Ladies to further enhance the scenes. The reasoning for the strange CFNM service and the dialog exchange between masseuse or nurse and their clientele--especially after the accidental ejaculations is something that needs to be seen as it's authentic Japanese service industry-level conversations come to life. For those who love CFNM-themed productions with a strong blowjob theme presented in the well-received sexual non-sexual way, the Japanese Fellatio Cleaning Ladies is a sure choice.

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