Moe Tanimura and Shizuru Motomiya - Together With My Friend

Published October 2, 2019

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Probably the best FFM uncensored JAV title with real amateurs you’ll ever see via DREAMROOM.

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Moe Tanimura and Shizuru Motomiya - Together With My Friend
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

It's not everyday we get to show an uncensored JAV title featuring two real friends and that also makes use of incredibly good natural lighting.  For amateur titles at least, I've never been the hugest fan of studio lighting.  I prefer shoots that are executed on sunny afternoons with blinds drawn back.  It's the easiest way to make things look amazing and avoids the dreaded scorched earth (but admittedly stable) look that harsh studio lighting may produce.  TOGETHER WITH MY FRIEND excelled here.  It excelled with sound, and visually this was one of the best mosaic-free titles I've subtitled in a long time.  Perfect?  No, but we'll get to that shortly.

Today's update originally appeared on DREAMROOM's amateur site that still pushes out content to this very day (thankfully).  Unfortunately, movies like TOGETHER WITH MY FRIEND that star two actresses are extremely rare.  Uncensored JAV already costs a heap in the way of paying actresses to appear sans mosaic.  Getting two when one's wallet is already near empty is tough.  Somehow the producers lucked out and got MOE TANIMURA to return and paired her with SHIZURU MOTOMIYA, a more classic cutie:  where MOE is slightly tan and mildly gyaru'ish, SHIZURU comes off as a pale-skinned Ashiya princess who decided to do a risky JAV title.

I wish I could add more about them.  Some back-story info perhaps.  That brings us to the drawback of TOGETHER WITH MY FRIEND:  there's very little in a pre-game interview.  While dialog runs heavy given the nature of this title, we don't get too much information about these two actresses and how they feel about doing a title that features some pretty overt lesbian play (yes, they eat each other out!).  That may sound tame to some fans, but imagine if you've done little to no adult and you get a call asking if you want to do a raw sex uncensored title with another woman and you also need to be very intimate with her?

We've shown other FFM titles like this one, but the furthest the women go with each other is nipple licking.  TOGETHER WITH MY FRIEND features kissing with tongues, nipple licking of course, and multiple instances of fingering and cunnilingus.  I was pretty surprised and quite happy to see this done in a mosaic-free setting.

TOGETHER WITH MY FRIEND is one of the few titles from this studio to sadly NOT feature a creampie.  We get two pull out finishes--one empties on MOE's chest and the other on the face (and hair to some extent) of a surprised SHIZURU.  That segues to awkward hand-shaking, a request for a phone number, and a fade to black.  All standard procedure when filming real amateurs in a rather well done release.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 670

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