Deai-kei Site Fruitful Endeavor

Published April 5, 2017

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Deai-kei hookup sites are still alive and well in Japan as shown by this somewhat realistic nanpa encounter by DREAMROOM.

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Deai-kei Site Fruitful Endeavor
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One of the first things I did when moving to Japan was befriend people in the 'community'.  Yes, once upon a time nanpa was more than just another AV genre for this author, but almost a way of life.  Night club and street attempts were done, but even internet pickup became something I grew quite fond of since you it's not necessary to wear pants when firing out private messages.  My method of choice was mixi which back in the aughts was THE premier social networking site for Japanese though now due to some abysmally bad decisions (such as only allowing registrations from Japanese phone email addresses--WTF?!) is a shadow of its former self.

Nevertheless, Facebook may have 'won' the SNS war, but the Japanese still yearn for a somewhat anonymous way to 'meet' people so deai-kei sites have remained viable even in our modern era.  I certainly hope they remain viable because there's always going to be an urge to do 'certain things' and not have them linked to one's name.

MOE TANIMURA may appear innocent, but going by the back-story of DEAI-KEI SITE FRUITFUL ENDEAVOR, she has used hookup BBS sites before for finding quick romance.  Strangely, in spite of having not *too* much experience with meeting men via this clandestine method, she not only opts to meet one, but agrees to be the star of a cozy little AV title he's filming that was released by DREAMROOM a couple of years ago.

I've no idea how much convincing was put forth to get her to do this--probably a lot.  The paycheck also was probably substantial since this is another one of those uncensored amateur nanpa titles that this uber-studio is known for churning out.  Thus, expect zero mosaic in today's update.  MOE's face is always visible even though this is her first (and just about her last) rodeo and of course all her private parts are on full display.

When subtitling this title, we get to know the picture on an almost intimate level.  This movie's editor and us probably have spent the same amount of time working on it and this author probably knows the contours of MOE's lady-bits as much as he does, if not more.  I don't necessarily mean this in a positive way and certainly not a boasting one.  Rather, I feel this title at times went overboard in those 'lovable' zoom-ins uncensored Japanese AV titles are known for.  Perhaps it's age creeping up like an unwanted lover, but the flushed face of a woman mid-coitus along with a hand pressing into her partner's back is way more erotic and erection-inducing than an extended 'hameshiro' shot ('hameshiro' is the Japanese slang for 'dick into pussy' close-ups).

One interesting tidbit for fans of certain actors:  I'm pretty sure the director and cameraman (as titles like rarely have a semblance of a 'production staff') to FRUITFUL ENDEAVOR was none other than ZENRA favorite CUNNI-BALL NANAME MUKAI.  He's the very charismatic shop owner in a previous update all about pubic hair shaving and we're happy to see him again, but although we do push subtitles hard, we'd wish he was a bit more quiet in the first half of this update.  CUNNI-BALL may have suffered from cameraman talk-itis, a horrifically contagious disease some on active adult video sets often succumb to.  We wish him well and hope by now he has made a full recovery and learns to be just a tad quieter when filming is underway.

I rambled a bit up there and did vent some steam so my apologies.  MOE was very much on the quiet side, but she makes up for her muteness with a fantastically slim yet feminine body.  She also possesses the sought after ability to get wet extremely easy which CUNNI the cameraman made a big effort of showing again and again via skilled close-ups.

Nakadashi surprisingly is NOT part of this title's finale.  DREAMROOM titles almost always go sans condom and conclude with creampies, but this time around it was a pull-out ejaculation.  We do apologize if you were hoping to see the actor finish inside but do take note we've another title featuring MOE TANIMURA along with a friend that may satisfy that desire and then some.

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