Junky Apartment of Schoolgirl Semen Collector

Published March 9, 2022

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A fantastic take on MMF that does not devolve into standard JAV tropes. Apartment may be a mess, but the actress is top-notch.

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Junky Apartment of Schoolgirl Semen Collector
Timing and Translation by ZENRA

Little did I imagine that this at first glance by-the-books uncensored schoolgirl nanpa movie by DREARMOOM would have a really unique take on the MMF scenario.  If anyone's been reading my ramblings known as reviews here and elsewhere, you should know by now I'm not a fan of encounters where men outnumber women.  As we've seen too many times to count, multiple guys generally equates to brusque encounters with little love; by the book, positions all planned out, you get the drill.  MOBSTERS with their festive atmosphere being the total opposite of their name is that shining exception.  Today in the form of JUNKY APARTMENT OF SCHOOLGIRL SEMEN COLLECTOR we get something I'd love to see more of.

Sure this movie starts with two dudes trying to pick up one woman.  One guy with a somewhat rodent visage (not to be confused with "Weasel" but still charismatic and easy on the eyes can be considered the leader.  I've always found it humorous how this actor always finds a way to randomly take off this shirt way earlier than necessary.  He's teamed up with a really handsome actor I've never seen before or since.  A guy like that in a total amateur uncensored release is almost a waste, but as I've written before about "Mr. Charisma", some guys just want to have real creampie sex with attractive women which even back when this was filmed is harder than it sounds in the mainstream world.  Men aside, their target is a cute schoolgirl on her way home.  AYUMI is her name.  Last not given nor really needed.  If you're into the 'weekend gyaru' type, Ayumi is for you.  By that, I mean not tan, but otherwise totally nails the look.  A bad girl, but not too bad.  One who attends classes, may not have a boyfriend, but as we see, definitely knows her way around erections.

There isn't much of a plot in JUNKY APARTMENT.  We basically get two guys who luck out by getting a schoolgirl to come back to one of their very, very messy pads.  Where it shines though is how their play is separated.  This isn't one of those devil's threesome movies where everyone just has sex together over the course of an hour.  What we get is the handsome of the pair being instructed to go buy grub and while he's out, Rodent goes to town with her.  Of course it doesn't end there.  Pushing realism, we have handsome friend come back a bit later--conveniently just after his friend came in her mouth after a bout of raw sex.  Surprised, but full of smiles, he jokingly asks what's going on.  A random phone call interrupts things and Rodent is whisked away on an imaginary critical engagement leaving the not-yet-sexed Mr. Handsome alone with just-had-a-quickie-and-still-horny Ayumi (pickup artists take note!).  Thus, sex begins again with a different male partner making for a really unique movie.

Normally I don't like to provide such in-depth scene summaries, but it's really needed here.  Needed and warranted.  What happens in JUNKY APARTMENT OF SCHOOLGIRL SEMEN COLLECTOR is really cool.  The actors are solid.  Ayumi looks great.  The sex is real and raw though we get two in mouth finishes rather than creampies.  Sadly--or fortunately if you're really big on schoolgirl uniforms--Ayumi keeps hers on the entire time.  Given our site's namesake alluding to stark nudity, I'd love to have seen her in her birthday suit at the end with Rodent walking back in, but beggars can't be choosers.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Super unique theme I'd love to see more in MMF JAV movies.
+Both actors play their roles well.
+Ayumi nails the 'weekend gyaru schoolgirl' look.


-Uniform stays on (albeit heavily disheveled by the end) the entire time.
-Two in mouth finishes rather than the real creampies these movies are known for.
-Second sex scene features a few minutes of everyone's favorite "sex toy experimentation hour".

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