Subtitled Japanese Office Scavenger Hunt

Published July 4, 2006

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Unlucky Japanese female employees skip the summer retreat engage in a scavenger hunt at work with the losers facing a thirty percent pay cut with subtitles.

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Employee Super Sports Day
with English Subtitles

Japan has a unique tradition when it comes to entering into new employment: generally, when one nears college graduation, job fairs become a daily occurrence and attending dozens upon dozens of group interviews in your 'recruit suit' (standard dark blue suit that you'll wear for this period and then put in a closest afterword for all eternity) for companies that actually have nothing to do with your major is actually the norm (I know a girl who works the reception desk at a securities company and she has an English major!). After interview hell is over, you've hopefully received an acceptance to at least one of the companies and if you decide to work there, the fun will soon begin in earnest.

A group of college grads of various majors (see above) successfully interviewed for a up and coming 'audio and video entertainment' company and after heading to the office for the first time, it turns out that their new employee deals exclusively in adult entertainment. Since contracts have already been signed and the first paychecks already mailed out, it's too little too late for any of the new female workforce to back out. All stay and are given interesting tasks to better get them acquainted with the working atmosphere of a porn company.

Back at the office on one of their first days, sexual ice breakers continue with the new female workers being required to work totally naked due to a strange company policy limiting in-house uniforms to either the ones supplied or nothing at all (and unfortunately, the fabric company who makes their uniforms is running behind!).

Seeing these new employees—especially the curvy ones with plus sized tits try to cover there nakedness in a busy cubicle-less Japanese-style office is quite a site! Some co-workers have trouble working with such visual stimulation and as we can see, during break times, these nudist office ladies help their male coworkers by giving them motivational support in the form of group handjobs and blowjobs. One overly zealous nudist employee goes as far as allowing a coworker she has a crush on to take her missionary style right on his desk in front of the entire office body!

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