Farts of Shy Japanese Girls Subtitled

Published September 16, 2008

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Crazy Japanese prank with a bit of kink thrown in by inviting amateurs into a van and getting them to pass wind through the use of sex toys with subtitles.

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Farts of Shy Girls
with English Subtitles

If you load up your web browser and type in 'prank', you will without a doubt find tons of videos of old Japanese prank shows. The Japanese love their gags and the tradition continues now in this strange take on woman doing things woman normally don't do—especially when they are being recorded!

Japanese woman are lured off the streets and into a van for their chance to appear in an amateur porn production for a fat wad of cash. Although most woman would be turned off by this request, since the porn is described as being woman-only, your average girl who has even the slightest kinky thoughts may go for the gold and enter the van since only women and not a single man will be present creates an aura of safety that successfully masks their sexual desires and what's about to happen next.

We see the somewhat bashful girls one-by-one have their bodies explored and played with by an outgoing 'host' who uses various types of vibrators and dildos on their virgin openings. Soon enough, with the girl already halfway to her first public orgasm, she is instructed to turn around, get on all fours, and bend over so her asshole is exposed to the rolling cameras. Expecting some sort of anal dildo or vibrator, she instead has a strange dildo-like device filled with air quickly inserted into her asshole while the 'host' quickly pumps it a few times. This excess air quickly expelled into the surprised amateur girl's anal cavity does what air in the ass normally would do: causes them to embarrassingly flatulate uncontrollably!

This process is repeated for several girls with increasingly amusing results as the would-be amateur porno queen's asshole has turned into a miniature toy train toot-tooting away to a laughing host and camerawoman. All the girls fortunately take it in stride and perhaps their days making adult films have just started!

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