Natsuko Mishima - A Titjob for the Ages

Published August 19, 2017

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Extremely amorous borderline milf Natsuko Mishima shows that even late stage newcomers pack a bunch in this VR release by WAAP.

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Natsuko Mishima - A Titjob for the Ages
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I don't have an Encyclopedic knowledge of Japanese AV stars so there's a good chance I'm wrong when saying this, but the majority of time when an actress makes her debut, she does so at a young(er) age.  Think early 20's (sorry folks, those 'debuting at 18' titles are usually total lies regardin the actress's age!).  Debuting later in life--especially once you cross the big 3-0 mark is very rare.

Well, there are many examples of women over thirty appearing in a JAV release, but in these situations it's more of a one-off 'testing the waters' type deal.  The examples of women in this age range not only making their AV debuts, but sticking around not just as a background cast member, but as a major industry 'face' is incredibly rare.  And NATSUKO MISHIMA seems to be doing just that.

Her bio lists her in her early thirties so there's a pretty solid chance you can add a couple of years to her age.  I've seen in the past women who do debut and stick around when they are a bit older than the norm generally come from a situation where the were married in the past and are now divorced and totally free to do what they want.  A *very* popular and still active actress in her forties is doing just this.

Today, we're joined by the aforementioned NATSUKO MISHIMA in this special VR release by WAAP called A TITJOB FOR THE AGES.

I'll admit that I'm not a huge fan of titjobs (or 'paizuri' in Japanese).  This type of play never seemed that attractive to me and the only way it seems to be even remotely pleasurable is if the actress coats her chest with lotion.  That in itself leads to some pleasure, but then you got that weird messy, glistening chest after the act's done.

Some people do get off on paizuri though and for that, an update like this is their lifeforce.  Since ZENRA is a site for (most) fans of Japanese AV, you're going to see updates you may like and sometimes updates you may not care for.  A TITJOB FOR THE AGES may be something I'd opt to skip out on due to personal tastes, but there's definitely tons of people out there who love nothing more than to be pleasured by a topless and busty attractive Japanese woman who loves nothing more than to take charge.

And yes!  Unlike previous VR updates, A TITJOB FOR THE AGES tries something different by using a ‘stunt’ dick instead of the real thing.  I’m not too sure how I feel about this.  I mean it does squirt a lot at the end and mosaic isn’t needed, but it’s not like finding a ready and willing gentleman to be your virtual reality persona was too hard of a feat to accomplish.  The decision’s yours!

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