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FETIS is a boutique Japanese AV production company focusing mainly on extremely peculiar fetishes involving sniffing. Food—not regular eats, but the more traditionally Japanese kind such as natto also come into play. Being a new production company, FETIS only has several titles so far to its name, but most star a rarity in Japanese AV: voluptuous women.

Pleasantly Plump Masochist Michiko SubtitledHDExclusive (December 05 2016)

Michiko is a docile and demure Japanese woman tipping the scales at a hefty 110kg who finds loves in ways most prurient by means of FETIS.

  • bbw japanese woman on sofa
  • big japanese butt covered by pantyhose
  • spread japanese amateur with huge gut
  • reverse japanese fat woman face sitting butt on display
  • extreme japanese bbw facesitting
  • missionary sex with bbw japanese amateur
Abnormal Moe with Hina Maeda SubtitledExclusive (September 02 2016)

Hina Maeda with her pale hourglass figure saunters onto a special FETIS production combining feline humor with all things smelling and sexual.

  • schoolgirl with cat ears holds recorder
  • hina maeda blows recorder
  • duck face japanese av star
  • spit perfume by hina maeda
  • semen dripping from fingers of hina maeda
  • bottomless japanese facesitting
Sniffing in Heat with Yuuka Houjou SubtitledExclusive (January 23 2016)

FETIS returns with extreme scent play filmed with a SUPER WIDE ANGLE LENS for added cuteness starring an extremely petite yet voluptuous Yuuka Houjou.

  • Petite Japanese AV star
  • Japanese toe nails close up
  • Huge breasts on tiny Japanese woman
  • Massive Japanese breasts squeezed
  • Japanese feet belonging to AV star zoomed in
  • Peeing Japanese woman from below
Damp Panties of a Cosplay Kind with Yui Kyouno SubtitledExclusive (August 22 2015)

Extreme Japanese fetish smell play by FETIS returns with a title about cosplay and the scent of dirty panties starring the outgoing Yui Kyouno.

  • Japanese woman in pink leotard peeing
  • Yui Kyouno holds recorder
  • Japanese footjob in pantyhose with ejaculation
  • Black thong Japanese facesitting close up
  • Japanese sixtynine with handjob
  • Wet and messy Japanese dildo after masturbation
Sumire Matsu in Scent and Smell SubtitledExclusive (May 23 2015)

Extreme fetish Japanese AV title starring the busty Hokkaido born Sumire Matsu who fulfills a unique smell fetish with English subtitles.

  • Cosplay clad Sumire Matsu holds up panties
  • Invisible hands on Japanese cosplay breasts
  • Spread topless Japanese woman in cosplay
  • Sumire Matsu anus close up
  • Cosplay blowjob with facesitting
  • Nosejob fetish play in Japan