Maki Hojo Leads You By the Balls

Published July 31, 2019

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

Selfshot uncensored raw sex with Maki Hojo by DREAMROOM. Need we say more?

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Maki Hojo Leads You By the Balls
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Some reviews write themselves and other-times we need to push to put pen to paper and create something worthwhile.  With MAKI HOJO LEADS YOU BY THE BALLS, my mindset is a bit more of the latter.  Why?  Because what can you say that's not already been said about one of the most legendary JAV stars this world will ever see?  She's the queen of the industry and has maintained that role for as long as I can remember.  Debuting already as a milf and now in her early forties still remains active, there really was never a time where MAKI HOJO played an innocent and naive woman new to adult video.

Even today's update, MAKI HOJO GRABS YOU BY THE BALLS, is a bona fide #ClassicJAV release originally released via DREAMROOM some years ago during that weird time MAKI HOJO went by an additional name:  SAYURI SHIRAISHI.  Sometimes due to contractual reasons, JAV stars may take on additional monikers when appearing in uncensored work as their main stage name may be tied to a different agency.  This means that when they opt to perform sans mosaic, they may be required to take different routes between initial hiring and performance.  Still, the two names have reconciled because even now you'll see both mentioned together on the original site that released this title (1Pondo).

GRABS YOU BY THE BALLS is quite similar to REAL LIFE PRIVATE VIDEO in that both are short releases mainly done in POV and also with still cameras.  I will be honest with everyone reading this:  RELA LIFE PRIVATE VIDEO is a significantly better title.  That one featured quite a bit of dialog buildup and had MAKI HOJO essentially playing her real life self 'acting' for her boyfriend (who's OK with her working as a JAV star apparently).  That release also made amazing use of natural lighting leading to the best self-shot doggystyle sex I've ever seen.

Sadly, GRABS YOU BY THE BALLS is a bit more by-the-books.  We're given lewd MAKI HOJO from the get-go who simply has raw sex with a nameless man.  And subtitling note:  the actor whispers sometimes but it's so insanely low we opted not to subtitle it.  We frankly could barely hear it even with the volume up.  Either way, this is one of those titles where not only does MAKI HOJO caterwaul phrases of pleasure nearly nonstop, but does so extremely often.  In spite of the abridged runtime, there's a heap of dirty talk to keep your ears company.

This is not a fantastic title, but it's not bad either.  I'll forever side with PRIVATE HOME VIDEO as MAKI's uncensored magnum opus, but for fans of POV encounters with the most glorious milf actress of all time, having another movie that shows her off earlier in her career should be a welcomed treat.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 231

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