Maki Hojo - Jukujo Nanpa - Classy Housewives Edition

Published December 7, 2022

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On paper, this is a massive hit in the making. In reality, let me just be thankful Maki Hojo is the star of the show.

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Maki Hojo - Jukujo Nanpa - Classy Housewives Edition
Timing and Translation by ZENRA

Finding my footing to even begin penning a review to the first of four truly unique MAKI HOJO movies proves more difficult than I'd imagined.  A beast to subtitle (pushing 1000 lines yet clocking in at a svelte 60 minutes!) with a not yet tested on the battlefield theme of a different type of reverse nanpa, what we get in JUKUJO NANPA - CLASSY HOUSEWIVES EDITION is almost a tale of two movies.  Some of it is good and others...well, let's just say I'm glad MAKI HOJO while never finding the sexual satisfaction she may desire remains on screen almost the whole time and I am grateful for that.

DREAMROOM's production team had a great idea and were given the OK to run riot with it.  Filmed back during that short period where we were seeing some mainstream talents cross over to do uncensored work, MAKI stars in a trio of unique encounters that gradually lead to greater and greater thrills.

The elephant in the room, of course, remains the theme.  Early on, we seem to be told this is about MAKI attempting to hit on women on her behalf.  In other words, lesbian reverse nanpa.  But as things run their course, we get something I can't classify as "lesbian JAV" any day of the week.  This is where things get a bit odd and kind of stay that way to the very end (that does at least conclude with some passionate sex!).

It's hard to call a movie that runs only an hour a "slow burn" but that's what it is.  At times, JUKUJO NANPA feels more like girls talk with gradual stripping in the back of a car than a proper JAV movie.  I mean the first encounter is precisely that and nothing more.  And sadly, the first woman as noted by various Japanese reviewers, is the one most wanted to see go all the way--be it with MAKI or an actor as was done in the third scene.  The actress in the second scene  I won't even go there, but that brings me to another interesting observation that seems to be a trend across all four of these movies:  the director seems to be finding women in the oddest of places because none of these are recognizable MILF actresses.  It's almost as if he had connections to mama-san establishments because that is the vibe I get from all of them.  I may save additional thoughts on this for future reviews, but I'll just end this tangent here noting that casting is...unique.

Given how unusual this movie is, it's hard to hate it, but I can't say I love it.  MAKI HOJO steals the show and really just nails it as usual.  But in spite of being presented as the giver and receiver of some older women lesbian fun, she pretty much sticks with hosting roles in almost the entire release.  I feel like if these movies were given more time to run their course, the output may have been even better.  But still, that the production team was allowed to pursue an idea so outside the norm I congratulate though I can't say this update and the ones that are coming I'll be watching often.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 830

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Incredibly unique theme.
+A bad MAKI HOJO movie does not exist (though as noted above, we get close to one though not her fault!).
+All actresses including MAKI are hairy and proud of it.


-While the theme and cover may point to it, this is NOT lesbian nanpa.
-Extremely realistic casting...for better or worse.
-Final sex scene uses a rubber for a surprising change.

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