CFNM Bipolar Hand Service

Published January 31, 2015

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Japanese schoolgirls with serious on and off cases of extreme ennui alternate engaging in senzuri with all out CFNM facesitting handjobs with English subtitles.

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CFNM Bipolar Hand Service
with English Subtitles

In spite of what is normally shown in Japanese adult video, not all men enjoy taking the lead. Some prefer simply to be followers and pass on heavy work duties to their significant other. This works well some of the time--more nowadays than in years past as more and more women in Japan find themselves in positions of real power. Of course, things go awry when your girlfriend happens to be an on-and-off naive schoolgirl whose personality shares internecine borders between the amorous and the annoyed.

Although filmed in the summer when Japan's humidity and heat is beyond severe, the theme of this production can reenacted any time of the year. Forsaking complex story-lines, but not heavy dialog (which is all subtitled in English for your viewing enjoyment), each scene in Bipolar CFNM Hand Service stars bossy Japanese adult video actresses masquerading as schoolgirls complete with white sailor suit uniforms along with older beau's in heat (both literally due to the weather and well...biologically due to the itchiness between their legs).

The Japanese schoolgirls in this light femdom title are annoyed, bossy, bored, sometimes happy, and very much turned on to all things naughty by the final minutes of each scene. Fans of facesitting rejoice as it does play an integral part later on, but not before ample amounts of indifferent interest to masturbating boyfriends runs its course. Again, those wanting to see men take control will be let down. Here, the fairer sex reigns supreme and watches on as their partners embarrassingly strip stark naked and pleasure themselves.

Reasons for being in the mood for sex are not really given. This is not a production that focuses on complex back-stories about relationships and the like. We aren't given that much information about the relationships presented to us. If anything, this heavy CFNM title is all about the now--and the now is one or more partners sexually getting off. It's just one of those muggy summer days where the best thing two adults can do is stay inside under the gentle breeze of artificial air conditioning set to a pleasant 26 degrees (or 28 degrees if you follow Cool Biz guidelines) and engage in salacious fun.

Now about the title: Bipolar CFNM Hand Service. Bipolar felt the best catch-all phrase to describe how these Japanese schoolgirls act. Capricious may be even better, but it's somewhat of an obscure word that not all are familiar with. The personalities of the four AV stars taking part switch throughout each scene from bored and annoyed to amused and intrigued. Sometimes they act like they just want to get out of there and get on with their lives, but seconds later they're giving the best handjob of their lives. It's boredom waltzing with the erotic and it works fantastically.

Although no schoolgirl ever strips naked, we do get to see very respectful leg and upskirt shots both from the short outdoors walking scenes preceding the main events to the facesitting conclusions. It's hard to tell, but one schoolgirl participant may even be wearing a thong or nothing at all going by the amplified slurping sounds we hear as her boyfriend goes to town on her aroused womanhood. Make no mistake though: this is a CFNM (clothed female naked male) Japanese AV production with a femdom core. Men here are the ones embarrassed yet aroused in their birthday suits as clothed females watch on in states of disgust, lust, and oftentimes ennui.

The theme of Bipolar CFNM Hand Service is about changing seasons and changing moods all under a CFNM umbrella starring Japanese schoolgirl uniform-clad AV stars and older boyfriends who truly want to be pleasured but are on-again off-again denied until the heavy facesitting conclusion. Throughout this production, dialog is heavy, unrelenting, and plays a key part in this unique aspect of naughty femdom play. It's all there subtitled in English accurate and complete so you can remain in the know during these fierce bouts of men remaining submissive to their dominant female partners.


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