My First Ejaculation Salon

Published August 17, 2013

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Innocent Japanese men who have never discovered the bliss of a milky ejaculation become clients at a unique CFNM sexual massage salon with subtitles.

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My First Ejaculation Salon
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For some of us, it comes early and for others, not so. Sometimes it starts as a heady discovery in a forest hidden under piles of artificially-placed leaves. For others, it's that unmarked box in the attic--that one that's been there for years and years. Inside is the stash. The stash of adult magazines that commences one's inauguration into the world of self-pleasure and beyond. A combination of becoming a man mixed with hormones on overdrive make adding two and two simple and an erection mixed with nudie magazines leads to a common, sticky result.

Not all of us are lucky to find these tempting stashes--some fall off track and need extra help getting their carnal wheels turning and yes, in Japan the land of bizarre adult services aplenty showcased an uncountable amount of times on Zenra, there exists a salon geared for this as well: the needs of the most sensitive type of man out there, the type who has never ejaculated before.

Introducing 'My First Ejaculation Salon'. As the name implies, this spa or massage clinic depending on how one looks at it is staffed by a very pert collection of exquisitely uniformed Japanese massage therapists with a getup better resembling that of hotel reception staff or even flight attendants: a knee-length skirt with dress shirt tucked in with a color-clashing scarf. Each massage therapist, as explained by the receptionist, excels highly in their very private and sensual field; high marks on exams and many years of experience go hand in hand in bringing out a very sensitive experience for each of their shy and withdrawn clients.

Today, we are given a peak at how this salon operates by watching four first-time clients experience a massage like no other. Each man, marginally lilliputian in stature, begins his session resting supine on a massage bed and stark naked except for a small towel covering their most intimate regions. The masseuse begins with a tender oil massage of legs, shoulders, and various end-points of the body. One even introduces an impromptu lymph aspect to the treatment that sets her client into a quirky fit of the giggles.

The massages quickly turn sensual as the towel is gradually raised (or lowered) and oiled up, soft hands find themselves massages testicles, taint, the shaft, and even the anus. The clients, all confused at first, begin to relax as waves of truly lambent, newfound pleasure sussurate through their bodies. Most aren't even aware of where this will lead but the soothing hands of the masseuse wrapped around their by-now turgid manhoods keeps them as comfortable as humanly possible.

One of the more unique positions the masseuses at the Ejaculation Salon employ is the erotic kowtow: the CFNM client is instructed to rest on all fours with exposed butt in the air facing the masseuse as she tenderly pumps his erect shaft in one hand while using her other to sensually tease his anus and taint. It's a very salacious position that almost places the masseuse into the role of a naughty milk-maid and needs to be seen in action. For fans of masochistic CFNM play, payday is here.

Each client gives off the vibe of non-maturity; all have admitted to never masturbated before and certainly none have ever experienced ejaculations (outside of wet nocturnal fantasies). One, a bookworm with recent issues in maintaining concentration, tells his concerned masseuse that sometimes he gets erections when studying and thought it might be an actual illness (!). Correcting him via a lascivious collaboration of her hands and mouth, the true nature of his ailment is expunged from his body in a white, sticky substance and gratitude on both ends is given.

Some clients need more advanced treatment and for them, a simple mouth and hand service alone is not of use. Along with various assortments of high-end massage oil, condoms are kept in stock for these customers with extra 'perseverance'. Thus, the 'My First Ejaculation Salon' oftentimes transforms into the 'My First Intercourse Salon' for situations that invoke special circumstances.

Another theme present is that of new employee training. The first two scenes feature two masseuses--one a seasoned veteran and the other a new hire. The new hire studiously watches as the CFNM pre-ejaculation client is put through the motions of stroking, caressing, pumping, sucking, licking, and more before she is given the chance to apply her new prurient knowledge on a ready and waiting client.

Although massage therapy has been visited quite often in the past, 'My First Ejaculation Salon', with its focus on innocence and one's first time reaching extremis is a thrill to watch. Whether you're into CFNM, erotic massage, Japanese women in uniform, or embarrassing situations, this is definitely a scrumptious production. The innocence each client projects is very realistic and it mixes smoothly with the matron-like aura the massage therapists project as they work their hand-magic on the erect manhoods breaths away from their open and wanting mouths.

Interestingly, 'My First Ejaculation Salon' avoids using 'dirty' words such as...well 'ejaculation'. As described through various cut-scenes (all exclusively subtitled in English), the salon tries to distance itself from back-alley brothels. Although the services performed are sexual in nature, their goal is not to 'get' someone off. Rather, it's to 'purify' them so they can become upstanding adults. Thus, the longtime recurring theme of Japanese CFNM sexual non-sexual services continues strongly with this production and should not be missed.

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