Sex in Front of Real Friends Subtitled

Published July 25, 2006

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Real life Japanese amateurs strip naked and masturbate in front of their real life friends in the ultimate display of exhibitionism with subtitles.

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Having Sex in Front of Real Friends
with English Subtitles

Everyone has secret, dark desires that they usually keep private...usually. Some people may have strange fetishes and others may seem shy and introverted but in reality are incredibly S in an S&M relationship. Other people, such as the three women explained below have another unique sexual fetish and today's the day the cat will be let out of the bag.

Starring three real amateur women who are sexually aroused by having strangers watch them have sex are thrown in for a twist as they expose their hidden erotic nature to the people that know them best: friends. Mimi (age 23), Ryo (age 19), and Chinami (age 24) are brought into an elegant room where their friends ask them very personal and private questions about their sex lives and most secret desires.

Soon enough, each girl is stripped (or strips herself from extreme horniness) naked and her friends—her real life friends as these truly are amateurs and not Japanese porn stars—help her masturbate right out in the open. When it's your closest companions—the ones who you have laughed with, joked with, and even struggled with, and now still clothed and watching you in your birthday suit inch closer and closer to a powerful orgasm building off your most powerful sexual fetish, the intensity of it that soon hits you will shake the foundations of the building you are in.

After the first mighty cum, the action continues as one of the observing friends with her permission, strips off his clothes as well and the new couple consummates that fiery passion right in front of the remaining clothed observes—some wearing masks to hide their true identities. Having sex while your best friends are watching is surely a unique and electrifyingly orgasmic experience. Or it could be that thing you never want mentioned again. Then again, with these girls, I'm sure today's events will not be a one-time event.

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