Nami Himemura - Body Paint at the Gym

Published September 18, 2019

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Far from a wardrobe malfunction. This is intentional AND mosaic-free via DREAMROOM.

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Nami Himemura - Body Paint at the Gym
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Even we're guilty of saying uncensored JAV is mostly rather vanilla.  True, most of the time you get little variety with the tiniest of stories before unabashed hardcore sex takes over fleshing out a roughly one hour encounter.  Sometimes, however, you get total curve-balls like that dramatic trilogy we showed earlier this year and then sometimes the planets align just perfectly for total oddball weirdness.  Other times we get a title like today's that at its core is a somewhat vanilla sex affair, but it's done in a unique place and makes ingenious use of body paint.

NAMI HIMEMURA has appeared once on ZENRA before.  I originally thought it was YURI SATOU in the final scene of that incredibly popular swingers club update from last winter, but it was NAMI all along.  I would like to have a stern talk with one of the reviewers of this title at DREAMROOM's flagship site who gave it a single measly star because he thought she was 'too fat'.  Yes, NAMI is not rail thin and not cut.  Nobody can disagree with that.  Conversely, she's naturally curvy, sports a killer tan that also may be natural, and has a really pretty face.  My only regret about BODY PAINT AT THE GYM is she remains 'clothed' the entire time.

This is a title that makes clever use of modified training wear and body paint.  NAMI already is exercising with lots of skin exposed, but goes into this session with her most personal areas totally revealed to the world (though covered by a very thin layer of apparently edible paint).  Props are given to the makeup artist and also the production company itself who somehow found a real bodybuilding gym to shoot this at.  I've seen major JAV studios push the training theme and it's usually that same big concrete wall studio with a few old stationary bicycles lying around trying to pass it off as a gym.  DREAMROOM did the unthinkable and actually filmed at one!

BODY PAINT AT THE GYM is a relatively quiet title.  Literally the first ten minutes or so simply has NAMI walking around training and exchanging brief pleasantries to other gym-goers.  Soon after perma-perm OKUMURA becomes her impromptu trainer.  Their training session starts normal, but once he notices how exposed he is, things quickly go off the rails.  Dialog goes from standard personal trainer banter to a few sexual word puns before hard play commences.  From there, it's uncensored JAV so you know how it goes.

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