I Saw JAV So Now I Want to Do JAV

Published November 7, 2018

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

One more uncensored go-around with Seri Satou in this amateur love hotel release via DREAMROOM.

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I Saw JAV So Now I Want to Do JAV
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While most Japanese women--or women in general--may deny it, it's a surefire bet that most also engage in self-pleasure from time to time.  It's also a given that when they do partake in this time-honored stress reduction exercise, it isn't always with eyes firmly shut and an idle hand buried deep down sometime damp and out of the light.  In a dark room perhaps, at night when their lover's resting next to her.  Oh no, just like your average guy, your average women needs her own stimulation and surprise-surprise, the source is quite often the same:  adult video.

SERI SATOU, the star of this update and also one eerily similar from last month, is rather frank about her JAV viewing habits.  It's also partially why she decided on starring in a few titles.  As for why she opted to do mosaic-free work with DREAMROOM is anyone's guess (answer:  more money), but this author at least is pleased that such an attractive and young Japanese woman opted to bare all for the sake of aroused men--and maybe women too--across Japan and now the world.

I SAW JAV SO NOW I WANT TO DO JAV is near identical in structure to her last release and I wouldn't be surprised if they were shot back-to-back.  Heck, both take place in love hotels and I can definitely see them moving from one room to another to film two titles one after another.  You just have SERI freshen up, re-apply her makeup (you think amateur titles like this have actual makeup artists on staff?), perhaps have some tea and a bite to eat, and then sit down again for more filming.

This is not a story-heavy update, but the initial ten minutes or so does contain a great deal of talking.  I know some prefer just the harder bits and may skip ahead, but if you've even a modicum of patience and are keen on hearing some back-story on SERI and how she become so sexually active, the interview is worth a watch.  It's of course exclusively subtitled and no corners were cut.  What she and the actor/director say is all there and nothing is skipped.

Play is what you'd expect from a totally self-shot amateur nanpa title.  This definitely was not the best I've ever seen, but it's pretty solid and the natural lighting worked out rather well.  As I try to keep these reviews honest, I'll let it be known that SERI's previous title was a wee bit better lighting-wise and while the gonzo concept of doing everything on your own is nice, I'm a bigger fan of having a separate cameraman at least for the sex scenes.  There's gonna be times when doing it all by yourself will result in some awkward angles, camera shaking, and more.  There's a little bit of *that* in I SAW JAV, but SERI's lithe body and extreme promiscuity make up for it.

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