Akane Kudo

Akane is a 34 year old actress. She started her career 15 years ago and is still active today. Check out the ZENRA collection of 3 videos featuring Akane below!
工藤 あかね
Akane Kudo
Date of Birth: 20 / 12 / 1989
Active Since: 2009
Akane Kudo - There Goes My Jacket and Panties

An honest JAV title! But there is more! All clothing gone! Natural pubic hair, pale skin, and totally fine without pulling out. Akane, the ideal Japanese woman.

CRB48 Sakura Shiofuki Orgy

As taught in this movie, the best way to become a popular Japanese idol is to be really, really good at blowjobs and have no issues about having raw sex with fans.

CRB48 Fans Thanksgiving Day

Hyper energetic JAV legend Uta Kohaku and friends somehow without me knowing formed an idol unit that gives to their fans via spread legs by DREAMROOM.

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