vienna's Top 10 January 2022 JAVs Part II

Published : February 6th, 2022 Written by vienna

Hello everyone! This article is the continuation of vienna's Top 10 January 2022 JAVs Part I. If you want some context, please check it out before continuing with this piece. Today we are going to cover the second half of the month, proposing five movies that are definitely worth your attention. We have more of a mixed bunch this time around, covering interracial movies, both less-known and famous actresses and a lot of variety on the sex side of these productions. Having said that, let's jump right into the action! 


Hotaru Nogi − "Cheating With A Black Guy During His Homestay. The First Time I Saw The Huge Dick Of A Foreigner."

Movie DASD-962
Studio Das
Cast Hotaru Nogi
Release Date Jan 21, 2022

Not exactly the most famous actress in the porn industry, but certainly one who puts her heart and soul into providing the best possible experience for the viewer, Hotaru Nogi is a blazing fire in this Studio Das-branded production, which I wanted to watch to rediscover a bit of inter-racial JAV, which for quite some time I've ignored or otherwise prioritized less than other genres I prefer. Well, far be it from me to suggest that you do the same, quite the contrary: this JAV proves that an interracial can offer a very wide spectrum of different performances that can satisfy a wide audience, both old and new to the world of JAVs. Hotaru Nogi is penetrated by a very gifted actor with a cock that almost reaches the stomach of the beautiful lead actress, in terms of length, and for a photographic demonstration I invite you to look at the images above and below this text. Hotaru Nogi enjoys experiencing a member of this size, and this pleasure of hers is undeniably transmitted to the viewer who takes in the focus of the experience and turns it into an erotic stimulus: I must admit that this JAV is truly horny, especially thanks to the expressions of astonishment and pleasure that are so boldly shown on the face of the lead actress. I have seen little and nothing of her, it will be frank, but I have particularly appreciated this performance of hers, which is pressing and rhythmic, with which she also manages to emphasize her dazzling and perfect body, and her perfectly balanced breasts, as well as her tender, typically Japanese face. My favorite part of JAV were undoubtedly the blowjobs, and in particular the deepthroats in which the actress tried, in every way, to put the incredible cock co-star of the film in her mouth, rarely succeeding completely but in any case producing a parade of sensations rarely proposed in other films. Watch it!


Shirato Hana − "I Had Thought That The Company Subordinate Had The Aspect Of A Cute Step-Sister. She Tried To Tempt Me Into Going Out To Eat With Her. I Spent The Whole Day On A Date With Her, Keeping Her Company And Being Manipulated By Her. After That, The Younger Girl Invited Me To A Love Hotel In The Suburbs. There, I Incredibly Gave Her Creampies Like Crazy Until The Morning."

Movie HMN-111
Studio Hon Naka
Cast Shirato Hana
Release Date Jan 21, 2022

Check out the trailer of the movie here:

Apparently, Hon Naka likes intricate, well-researched plots, more or less solid narratives that hook into the sex scenes in a straightforward and transparent manner, making for much more enjoyable viewing than in other types of movies, at least from my point of view. Let me explain better: I'm a big fan of JAVs with strong narratives, or at least contextualized; I don't like a lot of movies in which you go straight to the action without a minimum of context or narrative frame in the background of the same. And Hon Naka has definitely framed me and all people like me, and has given us this gem that introduces the lead actress, Shirato Hana, and the male counterpart of the cast in a long date that results, then, in long sex scenes in a love hotel. Shirato Hana is a beautiful actress, with a persuasive and truly impeccable body, without the slightest defect and indeed with a poise full of eroticism and well-proportioned forms and never exaggerated interpretations. This is the case in this film, in which she shows off everything she has to offer the viewer and the pornographic industry, giving us moments recorded in point-of-view, and others in third person, helping us to view and admire the full spectrum of her qualities and physical characteristics, which, I repeat, I consider excellent. But the body of the main actress is not the only strong point of JAV: her masterful acting, combined with the naturalness with which she plays the role of the subordinate with the secret plan to fuck her colleague, stands out immediately to the eye; in addition, it helps the choice of settings, direction and photography, which I think are very apt on the part of the production studio, so I applaud them too. In short, a JAV strong on the narrative and the qualities of the lead actress, which at best gets a little lost in the lack of variety of sex scenes offered, but manages to highlight those present with boldness and talent.


Nanami Misaki − "[VR] Lewd Beautiful Girl Is A Vampire For Cum And Slurps Out Cum Loads Amazingly Well In This VR Scenario. She Has To Slurp Out Every Last Bit Of My Nourishing Thick Cum To Feed Her Hunger."

Movie IPVR-160
Studio Idea Pocket
Cast Nanami Misaki
Release Date Jan 24, 2022

The only virtual reality entry on the list is headed by the delightful Nanami Misaki, who we haven't had a chance to get to know in depth in recent times but whose previous works I'll certainly pick up after this little Idea Pocket gem. The production studio is known not only for its distinguishable technical quality, but also for its effort and courage to innovate and propose JAVs that are more or less original. This I feel is the most promising example of recent times: Nanami Misaki plays a vampire, who even mounts long canines, and engages in a series of blowjobs, as well as other different sexual acts, with her victim full of blood. And full of blood is undoubtedly the lucky guy's dick, which has grown out of all proportion after seeing how fucking horny Nanami Misaki is in this mind-blowing outfit and respectable makeup. The long, dark, striped stockings; the canines; the neat, dark, straight hair; the red and black costume, with fanciful patterns and an elegant and refined print - these are all elements that contribute, in an exemplary way, to the success of the movie. This film is not good because the sex is particularly interesting or the actress extremely renown, but simply because the costumes really worked in an incredible way and their juxtaposition with the leading actress, who seriously fits this role, is something sublime. Idea Pocket was right on the money with her and I think this little masterpiece represents one of their greatest achievements in costume and makeup. I'm actually curious to see more of the studio's work with similar settings and actresses with similar bodies and faces to Nanami Misaki, to see if they've always been this on point in terms of costumes and makeup. Either way, a must-watch of the month.


Yumi Narisaki − "The New Beautiful Mature Woman In A Public Bathhouse. Intimate And Sticky High Class Bathhouse."

Movie JSOP-010
Studio Global Media Entertainment
Cast Yumi Narisaki
Release Date Jan 22, 2022

Check out the trailer of the movie here:

No more dating and vampires, it's time to get back to normalcy consisting of boring days and long shifts. Luckily, you can always entertain yourself with a good hot bath, and what better time to take advantage of a public facility than when it's populated by Yumi Nariasaki? The actress, who boasts a minuscule amount of JAV appearances under her belt, is a treat for the eyes. Mature, adult, serious but also playful and ready for the pleasure that the male cast is willing to give her: the studio's winning formula here lies all in the great sensual charge of the lead actress who, despite being a newcomer to the industry, managed to capture and mesmerize me for the duration of the film. Beautiful, very shapely and with gorgeous curves, the actress leads us on a journey of baths where the only thing white is not just the foam in the tub. She helps us wash, pampers us in the after-bath while wearing her beautiful robe, and finally masturbates us, gives us a blowjob, and gets heavily fucked from behind, in front, and in every sauce possible. Yumi Nariasaki is a lioness, always ready to fuck and with no qualms about offering herself to the lucky public restroom guest who had the pleasure of delighting in her soft, adult body. In short, the lead actress has a lot to offer and I believe her path in the JAV industry can only be glorious - there is, indeed, a need for actresses like her, but to understand what I mean you should watch JAV first. Her many qualities immediately jump out at you, and that's no small feat. In short, give it a look!


Mai Hanakari − "Beautiful Little Devil Temptation"

Movie MMUS-061
Cast Mai Hanakari
Release Date Jan 22, 2022

Check out the trailer of the movie here:

Don't let the images surrounding this review fool you: this film offers more than one perspective on the loving Mai Hanakari. MARRION has decided to offer us a sort of compilation of all the devilish guises that the petite and pretty actress could play in order to seduce us: student, teacher, nurse are some of the parts that the actress plays successfully and quite sensually, managing to capture not only the point of the role she is playing, but also to sexualize it efficiently considering the little time she has with each role. In short, the leading actress is functional in whatever costume you give her, and in such guise she always manages to entertain and emphasize her talent and her contained yet abundant forms: in my opinion, she has perfect breasts that she lets jiggle while being fucked from behind, and even more erotic are her little legs when she squats down and lets her underwear and everything else she has to offer to the general public come into view. The production studio has also done an excellent job, and this must be said, proposing a variety of different settings and associating each one to the appropriate costumes, also choosing those most suitable for the actress; not always an easy task, but one that is successfully executed. Photography, lighting and direction are also of quality, but I did not doubt it considering the name of MARRION. In summary, this is an enjoyable film, with an excellent actress and a great variety of settings. I suggest viewing as soon as you have some free time.


That's all for today, folks. Thank you for staying with me once again, and let me know in the comments what you think about my picks for this month. The first half of the top list of the 10 best JAVs that came out during January 2022 is already available on ZENRA - check it out if you haven't done so already, and see you soon!

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ramp_it_up 2 years ago
Hotaru Nogi body is banging, i liked her movie MIMK-099. Shirato Hana is the type of actress i can't watch unless she is doing a really old man i don't know what it is, also she has this movie MIAA-551 where she is spreading her cheeks in the library that is hot. Yumi Narisaki is showing the future of Mature Women Jav, where they are coming in with a lot of work done on their bodies, but she came in bang. I don't know why but Mai Hanakari is very popular, i liked her debut and i love her sagging boobs and her stretch marked belly
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