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Published : April 11th, 2024 Written by Syndrome


It's not just men who are capable of expelling sexual fluids at a long distance, as women are also able to demonstrate an erotic level of projection. Whether it be during sex, when the woman is fingered or stimulated by a device, or just spreading her legs and letting it go, I'm going to look at 10 JAV with just such "squirting" and rate them according to the quality of the release.

10. Raw Creampie Sex with a H-Value Off the Charts Junior I Met Through a School Support Matching Service at Various Places in the School.

Video         SDAB-296

Cast         Anzu Kuzuha

Duration      115 minutes

Studio         SOD Create

Genre         Small Breasts, Squirting, Orgy, Solo, Creampie, Deepthroat, Schoolgirls, Seifuku, Hadaka Apron, Pool.

Release Date  2024-01-23

This JAV is rather average with its sex scenes and has some great variety in terms of the setting. There are scenes taking place in the classic gym storage room, the library (with the actress in hadaka apron!), and even in the pool. Sex scenes almost always conclude in a creampie, but as far as squirting content goes, the movie is sadly lacking. Anzu squirts a bit when fingered during a couple scenes, but the actual content is rather poor. She sprays a little bit all over the guy's hand during one standing scene, but the other movies on the list will more effectively entertain squirting enthusiasts.

9. Wife in the Midst of Squirting Chaos 2

Video         NSPS-073

Cast         Saeko Higuchi, Erika Hiramatsu

Duration      80 minutes

Studio         Nagae Style

Genre         Adultery, Small Breasts, Squirting, Onanism, Lactation, Exhibitionism.

Release Date  2010-05-25

This title has a focus on story and drama as there is quite a bit of cheating going on, as well as some conflict. The sex scenes are typically rather fast-paced, and the girls all squirt while being rubbed by the actors. There is even some lactation, and while I wouldn't necessarily classify that as "squirting", others might. This helps to make the movie unique, at least.

On top of this, there is some occasional good camera work, as there is one moment where the camera pans down over an actress' leg as her fluids run down it. Such a visual will probably be admired by hardcore squirting fetishists. That being said, the actual "projectile" nature of the squirting was mediocre, and frankly, most the squirting is rather run-of-the-mill. The other movies on the list are unfortunately better.

8. I’m sorry for leaking so much because it felt so good... 44

Video         CEMD-427

Cast         Nina Nishimura

Duration      164 minutes

Studio         Serebu No Tomo

Genre         Big Breasts, Squirting, Orgy, Bikini, Onanism, Vibrator, Lingerie.

Release Date  2023-11-14

This JAV will highly entertain those with a penchant for more "curvaceous" women as Nina Nishimura stars as the only actress. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a fan of women her size, but her squirting scenes are a lot more impressive than I thought they'd be. She gets fingered on occasion and her fluids squirt downward, but the better moments are the ones where she essentially just squirts through her pantsu, and the camera has this great view from below. There's another scene where she just squirts directly into a guy's mouth, which is some pretty bold stuff that the most dedicated JAV watchers will love.

7. Applying a Mega-Powerful Rotor to Country Schoolgirls on Their Way to School!

Video         SVDVD-946

Cast         Hana Kotone, Monaka Sengoku, Minami Maeta

Duration      168 minutes

Studio         Sadistic Village

Genre         Schoolgirls, Small Breasts, Squirting, Onanism, Vibrators, Facial, Trains, Exhibitionism.

Release Date  2024-01-25

Those with a penchant for schoolgirls will like this movie as several have sex on a train, with the other riders naturally pretending nothing is happening. The girls squirt profusely in this movie, often even spraying right onto the camera, which is always a nice detail. One even just squirts all over the ground. The cameras often go for low shots angled up at the girls, giving watchers the perfect view of the liquids as they cascade downward. The sex is also fast-paced and high quality as the girls also give oral, so the actual sex is good in addition to the obscene squirting.

6. Kisarazu Sports University Sumo Club Girls – “I Absolutely Don’t Want to Lose to Men!” Once on the Sumo Ring, They Keep Wrestling No Matter What!

Video         SGKI-011

Cast         June Lovejoy, Monami Takarada

Duration      116 minutes

Studio         SHIGEKI

Genre         Big Breasts, Squirting, Orgy, Sumo, Exhibitionism, Vibrator.

Release Date  2024-01-23

This release has a sumo theme as the actresses wear the classic mawashi and perform the usual sumo training. The training naturally also sometimes involving the actresses being penetrated at the same time. The girls often squirt while this is happening, but I must admit that the JAV's cover is unfortunately misleading! The squirting is not as drastic as depicted, and the quality of the squirting is rather ordinary and nothing too stand out.

That being said, the sex scenes, setting, and creativity of this movie are all phenomenal. The girls even pull off some lewd feats that tie in with the training theme, but unfortunately, as far as squirting is concerned, this movie is not as outstanding.

5. I’m Sorry for Wetting Myself Too Much... 46

Video         CEMD-457

Cast         Momo Honda

Duration      170 minutes

Studio         Serebu No Tomo

Genre         Small Breasts, Squirting, Onanism, Lingerie, Orgy.

Release Date  2024-01-09

Momo Honda's got a talent for squirting as the girl is spread wide by a male actor and releases right in front of the camera. Momo's got some distance on her releases, which will easily earn her positive opinions from watchers. There are some good scenes where squirting happens as a result of intercourse, with one scene causing Momo to projectile squirt after she is thrust inside of. Momo wears tons of different lingerie and even participates in an orgy, and another scene has the actress squirting on a man's face while he eats her out. There aren't many squirting moments in this JAV, but the few there are are top quality.

4. Retirement x Squirt, Squirting Special Anjie

Video         PGD-618

Cast         Anjie

Duration      118 minutes

Studio         Premium

Genre         Creampie, Big Breasts, Squirting, Facial, OL, Oral, Orgy.

Release Date  2012-10-07

Anjie must have been feeling a bit dehydrated after this one, as she does quite a bit of leaking. There are several moments where she is quickly rubbed or fingered by the male actors, causing her to release profusely. With there even being one moment where she projectile squirts all over the camera, which is no doubt peak content for any sort of watcher.

One scene just has her straight up squirting all over the floor, with the camera giving viewers a nice glimpse. While not the exact same as squirting, I'm sure watchers will highly appreciate such a perverse moment, as Anjie squirted in front of a group of males with her bottom half completely exposed. There is also another scene at the end where she fools around with a group of guys, and she once again spreads herself wide and lets the liquids fly.

3. Female Students From Prestigious Schools Clash! National School Student Piston Vibrator Quiz Championship 2!

Video         SDDE-714

Cast         Noa Amaharu, Mei Kamisaka, Hikaru Minasuki, Asuka Momose, Noa Tenharu

Duration      124 minutes

Studio         SOD Create

Genre         Big Breasts, Small Breasts, Squirting, Vibrator, Gameshow, Comedy.

Release Date  2024-01-16

The gameshow fetish is utilized for this movie as the actresses appear on a quiz show, one where the contestants must ride atop dildo machines whilst answering. Definitely one of the more unique titles on the list, this movie is stupendous for squirting lovers as the girls really get some distance on their releases. Often the girls will projectile squirt and even hit the cameras, which is always appreciated. While the movie starts off rather repetitive, a bike is later introduced, though nothing really comes of it. The moist scenes here are some of the absolute best as the girls let out a lot and it's always a spectacular display.

2. Early Summer Special! Squirting! Breaking News She’s Been Squirting All The Way Female Announcer Yuna Ogura Continues To Read The News As If Everything Was okay

Video         STARS-359

Cast         Yuna Ogura, Mizuki Yayoi

Duration      106 minutes

Studio         SOD Create

Genre         Big Breasts, Squirting, Newscaster, Comedy, Exhibitionism, Yukata.

Release Date  2021-06-10

The newscaster theme is naturally put to use as this movie has the female newscasters having sex live on the air as everyone pretends as if nothing is happening. The newscasters often leak fluids onto the floor, and some of the sex scenes are quite good in themselves, but the squirting content of this movie is rather incredible.

There's one scene where a newscaster is riding a dildo machine and she just leaks everywhere whilst talking to the other hosts, which is incredibly erotic. One scene she also has a giant screen in front of her, and she just starts spewing fluids everywhere around her, with most hitting the screen. This is easily one of the best visuals on this whole list and no doubt great for squirting lovers, as many will be impressed by the actress' fluid-projecting skills, as well as the amount. This whole JAV just has nonstop squirting, and many will adore it.

1. Instant Squirting Gal Slut – Keep Squirting Until the Feisty Gal Can No Longer Resist!

Video         NHDTB-874

Cast         NATSUKA, Arisa Seina, Rumina Sena

Duration      125 minutes

Studio         Natural High

Genre         Big Breasts, Squirting, Bukkake, Gal, Facial, Vibrator, Trains, Orgy.

Release Date  2024-01-25

Those passionate for gyaru will love this JAV as there's a few tan gyaru here. All scenes take place on a train and each actress has multiple males handling them. The girls squirt profusely and almost always drench the camera, making this quite the lewd spectacle. The scenes are pretty fast-paced, and the sex itself is also high quality. Scenes almost always end in facials or bukkake, and the camera angles are just perfect. There's tons of squirting, and the scenes always have the girls spraying tons of fluids. This is absolutely up there in terms of the best squirting movies.

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