Oppaira's Watchlist Review - May 2024 - Part 1

Published : June 13th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, Oppaira here. As you may have noticed from the title I decided to split this into two parts now, turns out 10 reviews in a single post is a bit overwhelming. So without further ado here's the first half of this month's reviews.

CJOD-424 - Julia

Julia plays the female boss and has a younger employee she enjoys hanging out with. One weekend she tries her luck with a different kind of hangout, where she cosplays some risky clothing and the weekend goes from there.

Julia tends to do much better in more passionate films or things that give her strong plot requirements, the kind this video didn't. This video just simply slapped on a cosplay theme and expected that to be enough - it's not. Considering she has done a couple of bunny suit things last year or manages to do some various types of cosplay throughout, this as a whole narrative isn't enough to be satisfying on its own. It might have been fine if it wasn't for terrible camera angles. I honestly had to stop and look if it was Samoari directing because it felt like it was with how bad it was. There were a lot of camera angles a bit too far away or from awkward angles or cutting off the content - it was bad. I like Trendy, I love Julia, but this was not their best work, far from it, and I would recommend skipping it.

Certified Banger: ❌

FPRE-029 - Ichika Seta

Ichika plays on a volleyball team and one of the guys asks her out. He's overjoyed when she says yes and quickly develops feelings for her meanwhile behind his back she's secretly banging the rest of the team.

I put this one on the list because it looked fantastic and I must say, it absolutely was. It hit on every mark I could have asked for and then some. The performance from Ichika was great, she had a good playfulness throughout the video and little things that kept her into the action like spanking her. The narrative shone through very heavily especially when it had this duality of one guy thinking she was his girlfriend meanwhile she's getting railed by all his friends. The video was done really well in terms of direction and so many small things that Jo did like a video recording of Ichika or the small dialogue on the phone really helped drive home the narrative. Of course it all goes without saying that the volleyball theme was done quite nicely, especially using Ichika who was even taller than the guys. Honestly a really fantastic film that will no doubt make my top 25 and most likely my top 10 of the year.

Certified Banger: ✅

JUQ-745 - Marina Shiraishi

Marina goes on a vacation to the beach to celebrate her 10th anniversary. While there she starts finding guys to have sex with whether in the back of her car or in her hotel room.

Marina's 10th anniversary is definitely a spectacle to behold. I mean 10 years, wow (don't count that one year she spent off). What I found was a video that seemingly skipped on its promise. You show me a beach theme on the cover I expect beach content. A scene with her in a bikini in the back of a car, okay cool, but that can't be enough. Some of it felt like it missed the mark when she was in a business suit having sex in a hotel room on an island getaway. Now, having sex in a business suit is hot as is having sex in a bikini in the back of a car. And Marina being given something more her speed for a performance was enjoyable. Say what you want about the mismatch but I enjoyed her performance and it lifted the video quite a bit. The lighthearted stuff works for her and even if the concept itself was a bit lame it shone through. I also felt like there was some good variety between the car, the hotel room, and going from a shower to the living room, so content never felt like it was repetitive. I ultimately did enjoy it but I think a beach scene is what it would have taken to reach that banger level.

Certified Banger: ✅

NIMA-031 - Yuri Honma

Yuri Honma meets an old boyfriend of hers and despite being married the old passionate relationship they once had is reignited.

Like I mentioned before I came into this planning to watch it because of Yuri Honma. I like Yuri, quite a lot, but the quality of her content lately has been abysmal. We're lucky if we get one video a year worth watching, it's that bad. I basically take anything I can get and I knew it wouldn't be good, and it wasn't. The content was pretty lame, just them having random sex scenes as they rekindled their love. It didn't really satisfy and all kind of blended together as some mediocre action / love story. Even the finale of her livestreaming it and eventually pulling off her mask and getting a creampie wasn't much of a finale. It felt very unsatisfactory. Yuri is a good performer and her moans were great but not a lot else was satisfactory. She never really had conviction to the plot, and while I assume the original was more in that style it doesn't translate well enough to film. Can I enjoy Yuri on her back or getting plowed in doggy? Sure, but that alone is not enough. I knew it wouldn't be good, I watched it anyway to get a Yuri fix, and it was quite bad. I might just have to resign myself to the fact Yuri's best days are behind her and to have a very high threshold for what I'm willing to watch.

Certified Banger: ❌

ROE-220 - Momoko Isshiki

Momoko works as a part time worker at a konbini who has a dull life at home. One day she notices a younger coworker jerking off to her in the back room. Her hormones kick in and she's turned on by someone acknowledging her beauty despite her age. Things soon get hot and heated between the two.

Konbini themes are a weakness I have and when I saw an actress I don't watch enough get such a film I was all over it. Momoko also has a particular performing style that can make videos like this quite nice where she goes way over the top. I don't think director Amazing Meat quite captured that perfectly but it was still fairly good. Momoko is just that kind of wild girl that goes so crazy you can't satisfy her and that definitely came out a lot. There were times I would have liked her to tone it back a bit and that's a general complaint I have about Momoko. I want it controlled in a way where I don't want to press mute because it's annoying, which is generally what happens. I also felt like some of the theme was a bit off, having the first scene in a bedroom and the last scene discard the uniform relatively early on. That being said, the narrative provided a backdrop that helped mitigate the first scene to some degree and if you're going to skimp on the theme, at least do it at a point where I won't be angry about it (i.e. early on). It was honestly still overall pretty good and the fact she moaned as much as she did largely paled to how wild she was being thrilling. It's not the best konbini theme I've seen but it's sure better than a lot of them.

Certified Banger: ❌

That concludes the first half of reviews. I can't say I was all that surprised by the results, I expected Yuri's video to be mediocre, the Julia one didn't suit her, and the Ichika one was great as I had suspected it might be. Remember to join me later this month for the second half. Until next time!


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