Pan Takes Volume 2 - February 2022

Published : March 21st, 2022 Written by Panking

Just like with the other entries in this series of mine, I will be reviewing another batch of new releases from the past month of February. In this edition, we got some lesbian action between two VERY unlikely actresses, the return of my arch-nemesis Samoari, and another juicy collaboration starring two busty actresses. There's a little bit of something for everyone here. So with that out of the way let's begin with one of my current favorite actresses in Misono Mizuhara.


"Misono Was Famous For Her Amazing Big Tits Back In Our School Days, Now She's Coming Over To My Place After Missing The Train At Our Class Reunion. Her Colossal Tits Are Even Bigger Now, And Her Pussy Milks Out Loads Of Cum From Me"

I've been really digging Misono Mizuhara lately and this latest release caught my eye so I had to give it a watch. Thankfully it proved to be quite enjoyable. The general premise is pretty much explained by the title with Misono playing an old classmate who stays over at this guy's place. She ends up seducing him by flaunting her big tits and the two end up fucking. The rest of the film follows them going at it all day and night. It's an amusing plot and Misono does a fine job at playing her role for the most part. She's certainly busty enough for it and her acting is solid enough overall. She's fantastic at paizuri and when it comes to the sex scenes she boasts adequate enthusiasm. I need a dedicated tittyfucking video from her right now, please.

The action is pretty great with two sex scenes and three paizuri scenes. The sex features a nice amount of positions while the paizuri is thoroughly satisfying thanks to her technique and (seemingly) legit cumshots. One minor issue I have is that the pacing can be a little slow at times leading to a rather bloated 3-hour runtime. Speaking of the other technical aspects, the camerawork is a bit mixed. It features a heavy dose of fish eye, which this series is known for, and sometimes the shots are off the mark with some odd angles. On the bright side, the lighting is terrific and Misono looks stunning. Besides a few issues, this is a solid film worthy of a watch for any Misono Mizuhara fans.

Overall Rating - 8.4/10


"You Saw My Tits, Right? You'll Want To Fuck If No One Is Around!" Here!? These Sluts Let Their Tits Out Suddenly! These Excessive Gals Shove Their Tits Together For A Titty Fuck Sandwich To Work Out A Big Creampie Load!"

Nanami Matsumoto has been starring in several 3P releases lately and this time she's saddled up with the fellow busty star in Monami Takarada. The plot here is pretty great with these two working together to seduce random men in various situations. You'll get to see them play a pair of stepsisters, OL workers, and waitresses. This variety goes a long way to keeping things fresh. Both are present together in every scene which is a plus and always appreciated. A quality 3P film usually hinges on the chemistry with the cast which is decent at best here. Nanami is the clear highlight as she's very expressive and a bit more enthusiastic than Monami. There's not much interaction between them sadly but that's no big surprise honestly.

The action overall is terrific as it features 3 threesome sex scenes and 2 paizuri scenes. Most of the cumshots are real except for the creampies and maybe one tittyfuck cumshot. Each actress gets an equal amount of screen time so it's well balanced in that regard. Plus the position variety is solid across the board. Lastly, we have the production values which are excellent. The settings are all varied and fit the scene's theme well. The range of outfits is equally diverse with some really nice pieces. The lighting and camerawork were both fine too. And as I mentioned earlier the pacing is evenly balanced. Not too much to complain about really. Just a quality threesome film with two lovely busty ladies. You just can't go wrong.

Overall Rating - 9/10


"Sometimes, I Want To Be As Slutty As I Please... A Madonna Exclusive. I Will Loan You The Last Beautiful Mature Woman"

Another video of one of my favorite actresses with my least favorite director in Samoari, here we go again. The plot is exactly like every other film of his these days with Marina meeting some lucky "fans" and having sex with them. Of course, we all know they're not random fans but I still do like this theme, but just when it's not Samoari directing. Let me just say it is very refreshing to see Marina take on a different theme from Madonna than the usual NTR married wife shtick that she's been subjected to for her entire tenure there. We finally get to see Marina be herself and let her bubbly personality shine. This leads me to the best aspect of the film which is indeed her top-notch performance.

She just lights up every scene with her exuberant energy and engaging facial expressions. There is never a dull moment here and I beg Madonna to let this side of Marina shine more often. Anyway, I never thought I'd say this but the production values here aren't complete shit. The camerawork still has issues with some wonky angles and use of static shots which I loathe but the lighting is generally pretty good while Marina looks outstanding throughout. Also, I think Samoari has a fetish for vending machines as there's one in every film of his. Lastly, the action is decent but nothing truly noteworthy with a few handjob and sex scenes. JUL-869 was better than I thought but mainly just because of Marina Shiraishi herself and her acting.

Overall Rating - 8.5/10


"I Want To Be Between Such Colossal Tits... Men Cannot Stand This Titty Fuck"

Here we have the second titty-focused film from Mei Washio in a row. This time it centers entirely around the act of paizuri. Each scene does incorporate it's own unique scenario which is nice such as having her play a OL or waitress. It certainly helps to keep things from feeling too repetitive. With the main focus centering around tittyfucking and action, it better be good right?'s a mixed bag. There are four scenes in total consisting of two sex scenes and two paizuri scenes. As I stated above there's a fair variety to the scenes all around with the range of plots but also setups as one is shot in POV and the other is a risky sex scene making it more engaging. The paizuri scenes though are honestly lackluster.

This is mainly due to some very underwhelming cumshots. For the most part, they are all rather weak and barely amount to a few drops. It makes those scenes extremely unsatisfying. I will say that her performance and technique at least are solid. She wraps up around the guy's dick quite nicely and boasts good energy on top of some great facial expressions. However, during the sex scenes, she's just average at best. My last critical issue is with the pacing as the last scene only features 8 min of actual sex out of a near 30 min scene. Some of the paizuri scenes should have been condensed down. This film could've been much better but some wack pacing and extremely mediocre cumshots hold it back unfortunately. 

Overall Rating - 7.2/10


"Age Difference Lesbian Sex Revealed! Alice Kisaki With Chisato Shoda . A Woman Gets To Know Her First Experiences Of Lesbian Pleasure"

Out of all the lesbian pairings I have seen in JAV, this one may be the most random. Alice Kisaki and Chisato are two bizarre choices to pair together but maybe it will work out? As you can probably guess there is no real plot to speak of here. Instead, it's all about Chisato giving Alice her first lesbian experience on camera. Simple enough I suppose. Now for me determining a lesbian video's quality largely falls on the chemistry between the duo and I must say, I'm not feeling it with them. Chisato is fine but Alice is relatively stiff throughout and seems a bit uncomfortable at times. Not a surprise given Chisato is old enough to be her mama lol. Because of this lack of chemistry it's quite difficult to really settle in.

This critical issue really hinders the enjoyment overall. The action is about what you'd expect from a film like this There are only three scenes in all not counting a BTS scene at the end. All the scenes mainly just consist of the usual kissing, groping, and fingering with the final scene featuring some strap-on use. The strap-on scene isn't too bad but it's too brief with the other scenes feeling very "meh" thanks to the lack of proper chemistry. The production values as a whole are fine at best with decent lighting and camerawork plus the added BTS feature at the end is kinda neat. CEMD-133 is really not worth your time unless you want to watch for curiosity's sake. It's great to see Alice try some lesbian but the results are less than ideal.

Overall Rating - 5.8/10


"Milf With A Light Skin Big Ass Gets A Quickie When She Comes Over to Do Housework!"

Mina Kitano seems like a perfect fit for this type of role and the end result is pretty satisfying. Here she plays a housemaid hired to clean up a man's place. In typical JAV fashion, he can't control himself while admiring Mina's big booty and starts to fuck her. She's resistant at first but soon enough begins to enjoy herself and openly welcomes it by the halfway mark. It's an enjoyable setup overall and one that caters to Mina's strengths both physically and as a performer. Which speaking of, her acting here is terrific as always. She's mildly submissive to start but eventually turns it up as she becomes more proactive and engaging. She does a superb job at playing her role. 

When it comes to the production values, I feel a little mixed. I think her wardrobe for starters is on point and the pacing is balanced well. However, the camerawork makes use of static shots quite a bit and they don't always hit the mark as a few of them are staged way too low to the ground. Another minor issue is the lighting as it's not too awful but some scenes aren't lit well enough or just feature drab lighting. The action at least is great with several sex scenes and a solo masturbation scene that serves to set up how full of lust Mina is. The position variety is solid too with plenty of focus on her ass which is appropriate. Mina has been on a roll lately and this film continues that trend with yet another very respectable film.

Overall Rating - 8.3/10


"GoTo Adultery Travel A Voluptuous Celebrity Wife And A Horny Dirty Old Man Go On A Creampie Vacation"

Ai Sayama is an actress that I end up forgetting about for a bit until some banger of a video comes out and wakes me up. This here is definitely that banger. The premise is pretty simple with Ai playing a voluptuous mature nympho. That's about all there is to it and it's absolutely the perfect role for her to play. This is shown through her top-notch performance.  She's very expressive, energetic, and wonderfully seductive. She gets nice and sweaty throughout too which is always a plus in my book. Overall she really brings this premise to life and continues to prove she's one of the most consistent performers in the business right now. 

The action is terrific with several sex scenes and a few handjob/paizuri scenes. What's nice is that there are real cumshots here which leads to her jerking them off and making them squirt afterward. This coupled with her enthusiastic performance makes for quite the spectacle. A few cumshots may be fake though. All around the sex scenes are superb with one even featuring some POV use. Plus the non-sex scenes are decent too thanks to her acting. The camerawork is great and even better is the lighting which is excellent. But perhaps best of all is her appearance as she's in immaculate shape and sports some super sexy outfits. She's truly aging like fine wine. Overall this is easily one of her best films in recent memory.

Overall Rating - 9.2/10


"Divinely Beautiful Tits - Gorgeous Light Skin With Delicate Beads Of Sweat Are Proof Of Her Carnal Desire"

Rino Yuki has been pumping out videos at a very brisk pace. This here is one of her latest in a series that I typically enjoy. Now there really isn't much of a plot to discuss here as it revolves entirely around the theme of sweaty/wet sex. It's a simple concept but it makes for some stunning eye-candy and it's executed pretty well. Since the focus is on the action let's go over that first. It features two sex scenes, two paizuri scenes, and one handjob scene. That handjob scene is very forgettable and not worth your time. The paizuri scenes are just fine at best as her performance is solid at least but her technique leaves something to be desired as she can't fully wrap up as her tits aren't quite large enough.

The sex scenes themselves are enjoyable with a nice intensity to boot. But given they are the first and last scenes here, the middle of the film really drags. This leads me to the production values. As I just mentioned the pacing is not great as it really bogs down in the middle. The lighting is a bit mixed too as some scenes look fantastic and others are too flat and saturated. The camerawork is fine though with no major issues. Rino's performance as a whole is decent but nothing that memorable. She's a little too whiny at times with some underwhelming facial expressions. But she does boast good energy throughout the film. TPPN-218 is worth a watch for the sex scenes but sadly not much else as the middle of the film is rather lackluster.

Overall Rating - 7/10



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