New To Me 2021 - Part 5

Published : April 10th, 2022 Written by Oppaira

Hey everyone, welcome to my review post of this batch of new 2021 debut actresses.

To start off, this is the last batch of 2021 actresses I'm planning on watching as a group like this. I may review one or two more under other circumstances throughout the year but not as a batch like this. That should bring my grand total of 2021 debut reviews to somewhere between 35-40 when all is said and done. I'll also have a post later on this year reflecting on 2021 debuts, the same way I did last year for 2020. I hope you've enjoyed my reviews so far, especially with the new format, and hope you look forward to 2022 debuts.

One interesting reflection I have from watching debuts in 2022 is that April is not nearly long enough for some. I try very hard to wait as long as I can to watch debuts and with December debuts I've only got four videos to pick from. That was certainly the case with Ria Yamate where I had to watch something less than ideal. I do anticipate doing this again next year but perhaps pushing it back a couple months to try and give a bit more time for some of those debuts.

Most Attractive (Prettiest) Fuua Kaede
Best Tits Ria Yamate
Best Ass Momo Minami
Best Body Reona Tomiyasu
Best Video Reona Tomiyasu (MIAA-546) [93]
Best Performer Reona Tomiyasu
Most likely to watch again Momo Minami
Least likely to watch again Minami Yasu

I actually found Fuua Kaede to be the prettiest actress. There was something alluring about her to me that made me enjoy her far more than I anticipated. I felt like she had a wide range of looks as I combed through various sources, sometimes looking more sexy and seductive, other times more on the cute side. The wide range definitely helped considering that I found myself enjoying them all.

Ria Yamate absolutely had the best tits, bar none. They're so incredibly nice it's insane to think about. Certainly she wasn't the only one with nice boobs but damn they were a cut above the rest. Particularly with how well shaped they were while simultaneously having such amazing give to them. To see them bounce and jiggle around is truly an incredible sight.

Momo Minami had the best ass. I tend to like actresses that are a bit thicc and Momo hit the spot. The way her thicker thighs helped accentuate her ass was nice.

I thought Reona just edged out the competition for best body. A good amount of meat on her without being too thicc. I think just all the proportions were right on her and made the final product feel quite good.

Reona Tomiyasu definitely surprised me as the best performer. I mean sure, I kind of anticipated it given how her career was going but I never anticipated she would be quite that good. It's rare to see newer actresses who figure things out quite that quickly, but Reona definitely did. Reona was good not only during intercourse but she actually quite surprised me during the plot portions. There are definitely actresses who are good at plot parts, and it's rare for someone to be bad, but it's equally rare for someone to be as good as Reona was. Colour me impressed, enough so that I'd watch her again just as a result.

Most likely to watch again is definitely Momo Minami. She received an A ranking, almost an S from me actually. If her career was popping like Reona Tomiyasu's was, I probably would have given her an S. As it stands, Momo is still trying to figure out exactly where she'll land and that basically translates into a lot of mediocre videos. I'll gladly watch anything interesting from her that comes around, but right now there just isn't really much and I'm not quite willing to watch something mediocre just to watch her again. I don't suspect it will take that long with her releasing a handful of videos a month, and probably sometime in the summer I'll be watching her a second time. Who knows, maybe Momo alongside the best performer Reona is something to watch.

Minami Yasu is the actress I suspect I'm least likely to watch again. Madonna has so many actresses that are a dime a dozen, and even though I find I do like quite a lot of their roster, I also find that I'm just not particularly enthusiastic about her. There are plenty of actresses there I've seen just one time and she strikes me as someone in that boat. When I look at other actresses that also got C rankings from me, those actresses at least have a lot of potential upside. Yuna Kitano starred in some rough stuff and might again, and Reona has a prospering career.

It's been fun reviewing a few more 2021 debuts. As I mentioned before, this is the last time I'm reviewing a batch of them like this. There might be a couple through some other posts I do but we're more or less over and done with the debuts. I hope you'll join me again at the end of the year when we do 2022 debuts. Until next time!

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