FC's Anal Addicts in JAV: Part 1

Published : May 22nd, 2024 Written by Fried Chikan

Anal sex, people usually love it or hate it. Personally I’m not the biggest anal fan. Sometimes it can be nice to see a women get stretched down there sometimes it looks too painful for them to enjoy it. In JAV anal is a much rarer case than in the west with not as many actresses doing it on the mainstream level. So we’ll probably never see Saika Kawakita do anal but in the west it’s pretty commonplace for most. Side note: funny enough assholes are not censored in JAV, only when engaged in anal sex or play. So in the interest of trying new things, let’s check out some ladies who love it in the backdoor. These women love taking the road less traveled, entering the exit door, going down the Hershey Highway. This is my start into the Anal Addicts of JAV.


“Her First Anal Orgasm! Karina Nishida”

First on the docket is a true blue anal addict, the wild Karina Nishida. Karina is a very interesting actress. Not a big name, she has a pretty unique look (she looks a little like one of Garfunkel and Oates), may or may not be a hafu, and is currently sporting the heck out of the blonde look. She also is quite the hardcore and extreme performer, taking on some wild titles in her career. Anal sex being just the tip of the cherry on this wild sundae. Our video is all about giving Karina some anal orgasms. A simpler, no frills title that is much more chill than your standard anal fare, which are usually more rough and hard. With about 20 anal sex titles under her belt, what a better way than to see the one that started it all. A great way to start with anal sex and Karina.

All anal all the time. There is loads and loads of anal play and anal sex here with dicks and plenty of toys. What I really liked about this video was how much she seemed to enjoy having her ass played with. Karina is rarely without a big smile underneath her face. Even during the harder moments when she is getting stretched out, you can tell she’s enjoying it. I would give the final scene a look, where Karina goes wild with a dick in her pussy and a vibrating dildo up her bum. Absolutely losing her mind, even better when she’s got the dildo in her hand and the one shoving it up there. She does get pretty loud and whiny throughout the video, so that may turn off some. See the start of a beautiful anal kink with Karina.

Anal Addict Level: High


“An SOD Female Employee The 2-Hole Insertion Orgasmic Bicycle Is Cumming! This Female Employee In The Marketing Department Tried Out The New Product For Herself”

Next up is a little happy surprise in Rei Hanamiya (aka Rie Hanai). Starting off as any normal debut actress, she quickly moved on to bigger and better and anal things. Which is very startling, when you see how damn cute she is. What a cute beauty with her chubby cheeks, thick lips, long brows, and that luscious long hair. She is just my type and I can’t believe this cutie is such an unknown. May be it’s because this doll likes it rough, hard, and up the rear. Another real anal addict, Rei has plenty of anal sex titles and anal play in her videos. That sweet and seemingly innocent face hides a real lust for getting her asshole played with. Out video is a fun one; it has Rei playing an SOD employee getting fucked 10 ways to Sunday while also trying out a few new toys in the office.

What other scenes could I suggest but the dildo bikes. A couple of times, Rei mounts a dildo mounted bike to test it out for the company. The look on her face as she tentatively starts, feeling it out as it gets more and more pleasurable, is golden. The best being a large group of men surrounding her as she rides a double dildo bike on top a small stage. She shoves them both up in her and starts to cycle away. All while the men nod, stare, and talk about the product. Rei gets big thumbs up from me. Anal stuff aside she is an utterly cute ass girl who also love ass stuff. She’s a pretty small name, so sadly many of her titles are very niche. I’m still wary of anal sex but it is damn thrilling to see a cutie like her be into such complete anal play. Give Rei a shot for the anal play but stay for adorableness.

Anal Addict Level: High


“Anal Destruction Revealed: Nozomi Arimura – Enema Orgasm, Object Insertion, 3-Hole Anal SEX”

If our last entries have been too tame for you then let’s ramp up the action with this hardcore, push it to the limit anal video by Nozomi Arimura. I was a fan of another anal video of Nozomi’s (the hardcore maid title), so let’s see if lightning strikes twice. Mind you this is a more hardcore title than the last ones, so viewers be aware. Nozomi is a small name that does loads or hardcore and extreme stuff (especially rough sex), like many of our girls. Interestingly enough she only has a couple of full on anal sex titles but loads of anal play. It seems she’s not a big fan of anal sex but can’t get enough of having her asshole fucked. An anal play addict.

Settle in and get cozy with Nozomi’s asshole because this video is mostly about putting in as many fingers, dicks, and toys in it to the absolute max. Playing with it until she can’t take no more. The first scene even covers her pussy so the action is only about playing with that bum. Nozomi’s a pretty tiny looking chick but boy can she take a whole lot. Deep throating, fast anal pounding, and even some DP to boot. While Nozomi may likely prefer anal play, the anal sex scenes are quite good. That asshole can really take a big dick up in them with Nozomi’s pained but pleasurable expressions sell. The video ends with a damn good double penetration in that tiny chick. While I’m not a fan of all the anal play they do here (some of it is on the more niche side), the anal sex was quite good.

Anal Addict Level: Medium


“A Two-Hole Follow-Up Fuck To Make Her Cum Out Of Both Holes! The Cum Swallowing Hospitality Maid”

Speaking of maids, we move onto Rui Hizuki’s hardcore and real rough anal sex title. Rui is new to me, from what I can find she really really like rough sex. This tiny cutie (seriously what is it with all these cuter girls being so into hardcore anal) takes a hard pounding in this stellar anal sex video. Fair warning the title is pretty rough. Like the last, this one has some great anal sex and lots of rough play. Deep throating, spanking, choking; Rui likes to take some harsh punishment. Maid Rui is here to take all that you can give her and in any hole to boot. Pussy, ass, and mouth are all on the menu with her and she even takes all three deep in a couple of moments.

As for the video, wow. What else can I say, Rui is pretty crazy. She seems out of place in JAV and seems more like she would be more at home in western porn. I mean this girl is rimming guys, skull fucking cocks til she gags, and getting completely stuffed by these double penetrations while calling for a cock in her mouth. Just on a whole other level, Rui is something else. Anal sex in JAV is not nearly as good or hardcore as it is in western porn for the most part. Rui Hizuki is one of those exceptions. She sees what they are doing over there and is saying ‘hold my beer’. For a wild, rough, and hardcore anal fucking then check out all Rui has to offer. A big recommendation for hardcore anal fans to check her out, if you already don’t know her.

Anal Addict Level: High


“Locked In A Room For Anal Lesbian Training Rui Hizuki Ai Hoshina”

I liked Rui so much I had to dip back into her stuff. We end with this delight lesbian femdom, anal training title with both Rui and her mistress, Ai Hoshina. Ai is fantastic in demented roles or as the meany bitchy women. Here she gets to play a little bit of both as the anal mistress who is here to put Rui in her place. A fantastic lesbian title with plenty of anal play for fans. We’ll keep it short. Lots of great fingering and dildo play from Ai (even a great double dildoing fuck) but the highlight is easily the final. Ai dons a strap on, gives up the reigns as both ladies fuck each other’s brains out. So hot to see Ai mount Rui from behind, pounding her with all she has in that skinny little body of hers. Spanking that ass while digging that cock deeper into Rui. What a way to finish off this list.


“First Anal! Aisha Yuzuki – Her Whole Thick And Curvy Body Gets Penetrated In Every Hole By Thick Objects Thrusting Away! Her Expanding Asshole Starts Making Lewd Noises!”

We continue on with an anal newbie in Aisha Yuzuki. This cute, curvy hafu stars in her first anal title. Aisha is supposedly half Japanese and half Portuguese. But no half measures here for the hafu as she goes fully in the anal deep end with double penetrations and anal cream pies on the menu. Let’s see if she has the makings of an anal addict. Before we get into this, Aisha looks great here, she looks fantastic. When she first debuted she went with the classic innocent and prim Japanese girl look. Since then she’s dyed her hair and changed up her make up for a much better and fitting style to fit her unique looks. Aside from her unique looks, Aisha is a curvy little cutie with soft F cups, a round fat bum, and beautiful brown skin. She’s also put on a few since debuting and is little on the thicker side now. All pluses from me. The video is your classic anal training video. Starting her off with fingers before graduating her to more and more toys until we finish her off with cocks galore. And unlike some anal titles Aisha seems to really enjoy having her asshole played with. She might not be an anal addict yet but might be the start of one. A nice easy anal title for new fans or fans of lighter stuff. 

Anal Addict Level: Low


“Anal Teacher II Akari Niimura”

We move from anal newbie to anal pro in Akari Niimura. And what a pro she is, the opposite of Aisha and newbies like her who let the men set the pace. This is her show and we are just along for the ride. Akari is a sexy older woman type who reminds me a lot of Yui Hatano only bigger and thicker overall. A milfy, thicker version of Yui? Yes please. A veteran of JAV, Akari has take a bunch of dicks and toys up her asshole. Akari plays a demure teacher for a school filled with rowdy students. It’s up to her to whip them into shape using her ass as her prime teaching aide. This is the full Monty of teaching titles complete with miniskirts, glasses, pantyhose, and an extra treat in the form of Akari in a western style cheer leading costume. What I liked about the video was how the anal sex worked into the plot rather than being the primary focus. This is a teacher theme video first with some great anal sex.

Anal femdom is the name of the game. Akari is terrific as the teacher who is on a mission to seduce and submit the entire school with her butt. She gives some great anal lessons but my highlight goes to the library cheerleader scene. Akari with her full figure bursting in that skimpy little costume as she slowly introduces them to all her asset. The only rub is that there is no anal sex in that scene but never fear there is plenty of anal lesson with her later on. Even disregarding her anal addiction, Akari is a rather sexy looking milf with a nice full figure, give her and this teaching anal femdom a gander.

Anal Addict Level: High


“Anal In The Early Afternoon, Elly Akira”

We’ve got another JAV pro and an occasional anal addict with the seasoned Elly Akira. Elly is a real veteran of JAV and has been in and out of the industry since the 2000’s. She has done anal titles for a very long time now her first coming in well over a decade ago. Dropping the occasional anal sex and play from time to time. This title is from 2011 with a much fresher faced Elly before she had more work done. All natural or enhanced, she is worth the time. Like the last title this is a plot first video. Drama heavy with anal being just along for the ride. Elly plays a housewife who is taken by men and fucked until she is captive to their advances. A rougher sex title with some hard fuckings for her in her pussy and asshole. Rough sex, deep blow jobs, DP, anal sex, and even some bondage on the slate.

We haven’t even touched on that big ass of hers. What a gloriously huge and firm ass she has, not very jiggly or fat, just very big looking. The perfect mount for all the anal action she gets into. And I believe she has since um enhanced her rear assets as of late for an even bigger derriere. Yes she super sized her big ass (I believe). Real or fake, past of present Elly has an ass worth checking out. I would check out the scene where Elly’s hands are tied to her hands are tied to her feet and she gets her asshole stuffed with fingers, toys and a big cock. So great to see her squirm and shiver as the man plays with her asshole and her ass. You see her actually pulling against her binds as she moans louder and quivers more. A great bondage scene with the added bonus of anal play and sex. This is just a drop in the bucket of Elly’s videos. I am only surprised she hasn't done more anal videos. From the little I saw she did them so well.

Anal Addict Level: High


“She's Lifting Her Anal Ban For Her First And Absolute Best Anal Fuck It's Been Awhile Since You've Got To Butt Fuck, And Now This Maso Bitch Is Shaking Her Colossal Tits”

I guess we are on an anal debut kick because I’ve go another one queued up with Yuria Yoshine. Yuria is a rising star with a very cute face and huge tits and one under looked ass. Seriously she has one great fat little ass. We overlook that because of her honking tits. Boobs, butt, face; Yuria has it all. Can she add anal into her arsenal? Let’s see. Our video is all about Yuria’s anal training. It starts off hilariously enough all prim and proper like with Yuria looking elegant as she ever has. Even as we move on the anal play Yuria is as bubbly and playful as ever. Like Aisha’s video this video is lighter in tone than most anal videos. However Yuria takes it a step above Aisha when the action gets going.

I guess we are on an anal debut kick because I’ve go another one queued up with Yuria Yoshine. Yuria is a rising star with a very cute face and huge tits and one under looked ass. Seriously she has one great fat little ass. We overlook that because of her honking tits. Boobs, butt, face; Yuria has it all. Can she add anal into her arsenal? Let’s see. Our video is all about Yuria’s anal training. It starts off hilariously enough all prim and proper like with Yuria looking elegant as she ever has. Even as we move on the anal play Yuria is as bubbly and playful as ever. Like Aisha’s video this video is lighter in tone than most anal videos. However Yuria takes it a step above Aisha when the action gets going.

With great lingerie and some rough and fast poundings, Yuria makes this a great little anal video. Her facial expressions being very on point, so nice to just see her reacting to things as they happen. When she finally has anal sex for the first time the camera crew give her a live look with a tablet nearby. So while she is getting drilled from behind she can check out the action on screen. How else to remember her very first time. A great little touch from the film makers. I did not expect this from Yuria. She shows off her masochist side while doing some wild anal stuff. With her looks and body she could’ve stuck with just vanilla stuff but is choosing more wild genres to star in. Here is hoping this type of video is not just a one off from Yuria and she explores more anal stuff in the future.

Anal Addict Level: High


Karina Nishida Mirei Arata Elena Takeda

“"I Need Your Dick In My Ass And Pussy Please" Remote Dildo For Long Distance Anal Play Pleasure! Sports Girl Loves Getting Her Two Holes Filled For Maximum Pleasure!”

Let’s end with a something that’s a little different. Our title is all about ambushing sporty girls outside, sticking their assholes with toys, and watching them squirm as they go about their days. As the ladies are writhing and pleading for please, of course the men come to their aid with a welcome cock up their asses. Outdoor exhibition, anal play, remote sex toy fun, and a cameo from one Karina Nishida complete this title. Karina’s scene is my highlight for a couple of reasons. She is rocking the heck out of that blonde look, her slender body looks fantastic, and her expressions are good enough to eat. She gets jumped in the baths and after a long anal fingering, gets butt plug put inside her. She goes to bathe herself as the pleasure gets too good. Add in a shower head that she can’t help but use in her pussy and you got a great public masturbation going along. All this we get to see with close ups and peeping angles.

A great scene from Karina and that is only the beginning of it. Later on she begs for a cock inside her and the scene really gets going as they get it on. I really only stumbled back on to Karina with this title and I am really glad I am. She might be my favorite of the bunch so far. If seeing women writhe in pleasure in public while they have a butt plug in them sounds like you jam then give this a look-see.

Lets stop here for now and take a break from all this anal action. In part 2 we continue looking at more babes taking it up the bum.


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