First Time Lesbians Secret Hot Springs Vacation Returns 5

Published August 30, 2021

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With a camera in tow and always recording, one friend invites the other on an onsen getaway. There, she plans to come out and hopefully find true love.

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First Time Lesbians Secret Hot Springs Vacation Returns 5
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

If there's one thing I can promise you, our fans of realistic JAV movies, it's that with AOYAMA soon concluding, we will NOT stop showing believable same-sex situations at ZENRA.  Case in point:  today's update, the return of a very popular series all about a real lesbian coming out to her friend while on an onsen getaway.  It was last summer when we showed the fourth in this amazing series and we're back with its follow-up!  We'll try our hardest to push these out at a faster pace.  They may be simple and star relative no-names, but they make up for it with hyper realistic play--what real lesbians would probably do if they filmed their private activities.  Low on toys, high on love.

If I had to describe FIRST TIME LESBIANS SECRET HOT SPRINGS VACATION RETURNS 5 succinctly, it would be "the tan-line edition".  Simply put:  one of the friends has a tan!  Thankfully, unlike our ROCKET update from shortly ago hers is authentic.  No spray-on nonsense to deal with.  Just like her adoration of Mari, Nana's tan is as real as they come.

The format of RETURNS 5 is pretty much a cookie-cutter of previous ones.  It was even shot at the same place as previous ones too.  Some may think that means GOGOS is stretching reality by filming on a set, but I believe they just know a good location and make the best of it.  The format is the same and we get more self-shot footage from start to end, but given what this series is all about, a third party cameraman (or woman) would hurt immersion.  I have been told there usually is a staff member from GOGOS who goes on the trip with them and helps with setting up some shots, but for the most part remains hands off.  Pretty much all the actual lovemaking scenes truly are just the two actresses in a room together.

I adore the concept.  There's just something so innocent about two friends reconnecting, traveling together on a train, spending time in nature, and then in an upscale onsen, and of course doing lots and lots of naughty things together.  While some time ago GOGOS hit a bump finding actresses, thankfully the past is past and they've been releasing a movie in this series almost monthly for some time now.  We surely will try to show them all and will do our best to keep the updates closer together.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy first time lesbians blossom together.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Hyper realistic lesbian JAV.
+Real friends, real locations, real sex.
+Both very cute and very innocent.


-Entirely self-shot can be a problem for some.
-Initial buildup to first sex is a bit slow.

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