BREAKING: Yui Hatano's 16th Year In The Biz, Marina Shiraishi Settles Rift With Shimiken & Black Diamond Looks Out For Alice Otsu's Replacement!

Published : June 12th, 2024 Written by trapstar

Here's a rundown of some of the top stories that happened in June

16th Year In The Adult Biz, Yui Hatano Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down

This month we’re celebrating the 16th anniversary of Yui Hatano's debut! On this day 16 years ago, Yui Hatano, one of the biggest legends of the AV industry, stepped into the limelight.

Yui seems to be soaking up the high of this achievement as she tweeted the cover of her debut work from 2008, commenting, "So here's a look at a few packages from my debut movie a long time ago! This was 16 years ago when I was exclusive for Prestige! 19-year-old Hatano, with very thin eyebrows."

Since her debut, 16 years have passed in a flash. Yui broke into the scene as a Prestige Exclusive actress but the cover of her debut work 'ZERO-07' had mentioned her as an amateur which had an air of misunderstanding among the fans.

But if you take out Prestige and later H.M.P. from the scene, Yui has been a freelance actress for most parts of her career.Considering she has dollars sitting in the bank and lots of time in hand, she has the privilege to make JAVs whenever she wants, a privilege most actresses lack in the industry. This sounds easy, but it is far more difficult than imagined because we can’t write off the fact that she’s aging and all those cosmetic changes have left her botched. Another reason is that with the influx of new faces in the biz, fans are overwhelmed so it’s obvious that a veteran like Yui’s popularity will decline. However, some studios want to collaborate with her and even launch 8K high-quality works. But by now it’sobvious that perhaps we won’t get the old Yui back.

Yui wrote on X, "Today marks the 16th anniversary of my debut. I'm really grateful for the support of my fans, my business associates, my agency and my friends who have helped me to continue for 16 years. Thank you for all your support in 16 years. Please look forward to my 17th year!"

Not to mention that in the recent few years, speculations of her retirement have been rife, but with her recent collabs, she has sent a message that she isn’t the one to back down so early. But having said that, in 16 years, close to 6,000 days, it is impossible to last that long by appearance alone, not to mention that the reason why she has been in the news recently is because of her cosmetic changes so she can continue to the 17th year of her career, but let’s not take for granted the evolution of her acting skills.

During her career, Yui Hatano has had more than 1,000 works, playing all kinds of roles, spanning all genres, from censored to uncensored, being the childhood crush of many. Currently, her beauty and body are no longer at their peak, and Yui kinda "acts for fun" instead of committing to JAVs like before.

In the early days of her debut, she honed her in drama-centric JAVs. But, to be honest, in the past 16 years, she has relied entirely on her appearance to brush a wave, and then she had some luck, by bagging some major JAVs. Although nearly 6,000 days have passed in a flash, Yui is relying on her efforts to survive at present.

However she has recently become the focus of attention because of her out-of-shape figure, but I've always felt that she shouldn't doubt what she brings to the table. In the next 17 years, what works and activities will she use to declare her existence? I'm looking forward to it.

As she said, the debut day is much more important than the birthday, so I must greatly congratulate Yui and look forward to the milestone of 20 years of debut anniversary, which is probably the goal she is aiming for. Well, congratulations on your 16th debut anniversary, I hope you continue to accompany us for a long time, hottie!

Marina Shiraishi Buries The Hatchet With Shimiken On Her 11th Anniversary

I wonder ever since I started blogging whether I’d mentioned Marina Shiraishi for once but I’m glad she finally made it into JAV’s go-to blog. (slow claps for us)

The JAV actress recently was seen celebrating her 11th anniversary in the game, and how did she mark the occasion? By cuddling up with none other than Hello Kitty herself! Now, that's a crossover I never saw coming, but hey, who doesn't love Hello Kitty, right? Reminds me of a 6’3 gym bro admitting his love for the cultural icon. Nevertheless, back to the blog.

Marina captioned the post, "Today, 6/6, I celebrate my 11th anniversary in JAV! I will do my best to enjoy my second year as a first year student! I would be happy if I could get messages from everyone with the hashtag #Marina Shiraishi's 11th anniversary! The first tweet of the 12th year is with my beloved Hello Kitty!"

Now since it was her 11th anniversary which is no cakewalk in the JAV industry. Of course, the well-wishes had to come pouring in from fellow industry veterans like Noa Eikawa, Maya Irata, and Airi Kijima while the anniversary hashtag spread like wildfire on X. But, what was interesting to note was a video she dropped that no one in their wildest dreams would have thought. For a moment, let’s consider it a surprise.

Steps in Shimiken, She made a YouTube video with Shimiken citing why she didn’t work with the legendary male JAV actor in like, forever? Marina just spilled the beans on why in a YouTube collab with the man himself. For starters, she admitted that Shimiken acted like a jerk during one such incident, it all went down nine years ago during a TV show taping!

Marina captioned the tweet, "Finally on this special anniversary! The YouTube channel that has been dormant is back! Maritalk! vol.1 Shimiken First confession: What happened behind the scenes of that NG?"

Apparently, Marina was chilling in the lounge with Shimiken, his manager, and her driver (because, you know, casual). Now, imagine this: you're probably feeling a little tense before a big taping, and then BAM! Shimiken waltzes over, gives you an unwelcome caress, and tells you to "relax." Yeah, not exactly the smoothest move, Shimiken.

Needless to say, Marina wasn't exactly thrilled. She complained to her agent, who, rightfully so, went ballistic and blacklisted Shimiken from ever working with the female star again. Talk about a career downer, right?

But guess what? Nine years later, the duo decided to bury the hatchet (or should I say, retract the claws?). They filmed a YouTube video together, reminiscing about the incident and having a good laugh about it. Seems like time (and maybe a good PR team) can heal all wounds, even inappropriately timed massages.

So, what can we learn from this, readers? First, never underestimate the power of a good grudge. It can fuel a nine-year industry blacklist! Second, communication is key. If a coworker makes you uncomfortable, speak up! And finally, forgiveness is a beautiful thing. Who knew a Hello Kitty feature could lead to such a heartwarming reconciliation? Just kidding. Now, it’s only a matter of time until we see the duo sweat it out on screen and when that happens, you’ll be the first to know from us!

This industry never ceases to amaze me. Until next time, stay tuned for more gossip that'll leave you saying, "Wait, what?!"

Post Alice Otsu's Exit, Black Diamond Is Actively Looking For A Fresh Face

If you’ve made it into this part of the internet, then you might’ve heard of Black Diamond, the JAV’s answer to the Spice Girls. Well, to be honest, it doesn’t feel like they’ve been a phenomenon like the latter, lately. The girl band, spearheaded by JAV’s very own Hall of Fame Anri Okita – who's currently baring it all on OnlyFans by the way, boasts of a roster hotter than a habanero pepper. We're talking top JAV stars like Ai Sayama and Alice Otsu, churning out hit after hit while showcasing their musical prowess alongside their, ahem, other skills. they’ve been quite successful in doing so and are famous in homes they couldn’t tap into elsewhere.

But then let’s just say until I reported a while back Alice Otsu had somehow made up her mind to leave the group without giving any personal reason for it. No public reason, just…gone. This could've been a death knell for an up-and-coming band like Black Diamond, but the management team, bless their quick thinking, pulled a rabbit out of a hat. Enter Maria Nagai, the bombshell with an ass that looks like she’s had several trips to Brazil to attain that. Nevertheless, Maria stepped in as Alice's temporary replacement. She's been wowing audiences with her vocals in a couple of live gigs, holding down the fort admirably.

However, it seems Black Diamond isn't content with a fill-in. They're on the hunt for a permanent replacement for Alice, someone who can match her charisma and vocal prowess. That’s when things get interesting. Black Diamond just announced auditions, claiming they’re on the look out for someone who could replace Alice. Can they find a diamond in the rough? Or is this the beginning of the end for Black Diamond's downfall?

Only time will tell, folks. But one thing's for sure: the drama behind the music is just as juicy as anything on screen. I'll, for one, be keeping a close eye on the situation. After all, who doesn't love a good comeback story…or a spectacular meltdown?

What Life Is Like For Yui Nagase Post Retirement

If you happen to be a die-hard Moodyz fan, then you might recall Yui Nagase from the Class of 2019. To be honest, after having done some digging, I found out that wasn't even her first foray into the spotlight! Yui spent a considerable time being one of those idols who performed on stage rather than on the screen, before debuting in the industry, but that's a story for another day.

Word is, after retiring from the AV scene, she packed her bags and relocated to the spiritual capital of Japan, Kyoto. But things didn’t turn out the way she thought it’d. Yui's living a double life! By day, she's a respectable hotel manager, but rumors hint at a life less ordinary after dark.

Now, Kyoto might be known for its temples and tranquility, but let's be real, it can get a tad lonely at times. From what I heard, Yui admits to missing close friends and feels a bit unsettled in her new life. But then she has the equally captivating JAV colleague Ichika Matsumoto in her close-knit circle. Well, happens so that these two are besties in real life and they bonded during their AV days and continue to stay in touch. Sadly, the distance between both friends dampers on their hangout sessions. The last time they were spotted together was at director Samoari's birthday bash.

Speaking of relationships, Yui confessed about her love life (or lack thereof). Apparently, during her AV stint, she was in a committed relationship with a guy. They even planned to walk down the aisle after her retirement. But alas, love in your 20s can be fickle, and things went south quickly. Now, she's rocking the single life – a cautionary tale about youthful mistakes, wouldn't you say?

But here's the heartwarming part: Yui is overwhelmed by the continued support from her fans, even after all these years, I’ve news that she promises to grace us with her presence on Instagram again, once she has things taken care of. Until then, you can keep an eye out on her secret Instagram account (if you can sniff it out, that is). In the meantime, I will be waiting with bated breath for her return to the spotlight, be it AV or social media!

Meanwhile you can follow her on her Instagram, here.

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